TideChange Sponsorship Information:

All sponsor ads appear in slide shows on the site, as well as under appropriate categories on this page. Ad logos on this page are linked to the sponsor’s website.

Sponsor ad graphics must have business card-sized dimensions (200 x 3o0 pixels, or equivalent). All graphics will be re-sized to fit this profile. A scanned image of a business card may be used.

Please email your graphic image, with company billing address, telephone, contact person/accountant, email and website URL to editor@tidechange.ca.

Our yearly sponsorship fee $144.00. Payment may be made using the PayPal Subscribe option on this site and will be renewed yearly unless the Unsubscribe option is chosen. Payment by cheque must be made in advance. Invoices will be provided upon request.

 Thank you, TideChange Sponsors !


Community Groups & Associations

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Food & Lodging

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House & Home

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Media – Print, Radio, Publishers, Editors, Web Services

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Retail & Services

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