Donations may be made by cheque or via PayPal.

  • If paying by cheque:
    • Please make check payable to: World Community
    • Mail to: World Community, PO Box 3192 Courtenay BC, V9N 5N4, Att: Don Munroe
  • If paying via PayPal – Please note that after you make a PayPal payment to TideChange, you may be redirected to the World Community website.  (World Community is our parent organization and handles the finances for TideChange).  This redirection is normal and your payment will have been successfully processed by PayPal.

1) Donate to TideChange

ANY amount may be donated. Donate $30 or more per year to become a "Friend of TideChange".  Donor names will be included in our "Friends of TideChange"  supporters list, unless donors indicate that they prefer to remain anonymous.

2) TideChange Large Display Ad - $500 per year

Wide format ad which appears in middle of the news area on most pages. Your ad will rotate in a slider with no more than 8 other advertisers.

3) TideChange Ad in Ad Slider  - $250 per year

Business card size ad (250 X 150 pixels) in top right column ad slider on most Tide Change pages. Ad rotates with no more than 12 others

4) TideChange Ad - $100 per year

Business card size ad (250 X 150 pixels) in bottom right column ad slider on most TideChange pages. Ad rotates with no more than 16 other

5) Special Event Slider Ad - $20 (1 month only, or part thereof)

Business card sized (250 X 150 pixels) ads which appears in the Event Ad slider next to our Community Calendar on our Calendar page.  Our Calendar page is consistently one of our most viewed pages. P

6) TideChange Classified Ad  - $12 (1 month only)

Classified Ads appear in the special Classified Ad section of TideChange.