Letters to the Editor

Gift Twice at Local Shops

There is something very special about the stores, shops and boutiques around the 4th, 5th and 6th Street of downtown Courtenay, as well as the ones on and around the main streets of Comox and Cumberland. Now is the season when we must all make our last-minute shopping choices. For many, the budgets may be a deciding factor. This year, I would like you to revisit this mindset and open your wallet and your heart to the unique qualities of the local shop owners and their staff.

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Site C Dam Not a Done Deal

“There can be no lasting reconciliation while Indigenous peoples’ rights are being trampled on, diminished and frozen in the past. There can be no trust in your government while the words you say to the public ring false in the court rooms.” Grand Chief Stewart Philip. Eleven years ago, UNDRIP (The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) was endorsed by many states, including Canada. Governments have a responsibility to respect, protect and fulfill these rights.

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The Lows and Highs of Grassroots Initiatives

Two things happened very recently that illustrate the lows and highs of grassroots efforts like the campaign to change BC’s electoral system. The first thing that happened was the release of an Angus Reid poll taken in September. The poll asked voters in BC how they intend to mark their ballots when it comes to voting on the referendum about electoral reform. According to the poll, about 60% of voters are pretty evenly split in their support of either the current electoral system or proportional representation (Pro Rep).

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Lungs of the Earth Vigil

The makers of the recently released film, The Anthropocene Project, and many others, are calling for a moratorium on logging old-growth forests in BC. Here are two facts on deforestation and climate change: BC’s rainforests store more than 13 times our annual greenhouse gas emissions and yet Vancouver Island’s temperate rainforests are being cut down at three times the rate of tropical rainforests worldwide.

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Refuting the Thinking of the No Side

There have seen so many articles coming from the No Proportional Representation (PR) side of the debate on the referendum, in the mainline press, and I find it quite disturbing. I want to draw attention to this article from the Fraser Institute, The Impact of Proportional Representation on British Columbia’s Legislation and Voters.

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The Reasons I Support Proportional Representation

Too many of us have water that is not safe to drink, air that is not safe to breathe, and food that is not safe to eat; meanwhile corporate profits continue to soar. I support Proportional Representation, (PR), because I am tired of the rich running and ruining British Columbia. Corporate funded ‘majority’ governments elected by less than 40% of the voters, continue to allow corporations to profit from our water and other natural resources. These same corporations dump toxic tailings into our waterways, incinerate their industrial waste, clearcut our remaining forests, and pollute our soil.

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The Death of Governing Whiplash

The other day, I stopped by the grocery store to buy a few things. I took a chance and stood in the express line which also sells lottery tickets. Sometimes the line can move really quickly, but, at other times, because of the lottery tickets, the line can slow down to a crawl. In this particular case, an older woman, older than me anyway, was cashing in her lottery tickets. The clerk handed her a couple of tens and then five twenties. Although the woman was a winner, I wondered how much she had lost over the years compared to how much she had won.

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