Letters to the Editor

Hope in Kwispaa LNG Pipeline Discussions

Somehow my conscience and a friend’s request egged me on to attend the presentation of the proponents for the Steelhead Kwispaa LNG pipeline project to Comox Valley Regional District Board at 4 pm , February 5. Some five decades of both activist and professional experience have taught me to expect little of such meetings – to the point of boredom.

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Happy Holidays!

Everyone at Tide Change joins me in wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. We thank you for your support and input in 2018. As you can tell by the photograph, my activity of choice is reading a good book by the fireplace with a latte, of course. Take the time to care for yourself and remember to stay in the “present” moment, because it is truly a gift.
– Message from the Editor
Tide Change will return on December 27th.

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Fundraising for The Hermitage Covenant

Dear Friends of Nature, as you may know, Charles Brandt is a deeply respected member of the Comox Valley’s conservation community as well as a spiritual leader. He is acknowledged for his important contributions to the protection and recovery of the both the Tsolum River and the Oyster River. He is also the first ordained Catholic priest-hermit in two centuries and has dedicated the latter half of his life to quiet contemplation about spiritual ecology: the spiritual inter-connections between humans and non-human life on this planet.

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It May Be Dark Out There, But There Is a Future For Journalism

Hi Catherine. In many ways, 2018 was a brutal year for journalism, as Time rightly highlighted in selecting journalists murdered or imprisoned, or “guardians of the war on truth” as they called them, for its 2018 Person of the Year cover. There were moments this year when it felt like we were alone swimming against a tide of ugly discourse, and barely keeping afloat. What chance did our little newsroom have to build a better kind of journalism when the whole world seemed to be moving in the opposite direction?

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God is in Everything: My Reflections on a Conversation with Father Charles Brandt

There are many ways to live one’s life. One of the less traveled, but more transformative paths, is that of contemplation. Last week, I met a unique and interesting man, who embodies this life choice, Father Charles Brandt. As I write these words, it is also the 50th anniversary of Thomas Merton’s passing, which took place on December 10th, 1968. Merton was not only a prolific author and influential thinker; his journey was this era’s modern version of the contemplative lifestyle.

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