Letters to the Editor

We need independent local news

Recently there has been a lot of public discussion regarding the December 12th issue of the Comox Valley Record.  Tuesday’s paper featured, what is known in the industry as, a ‘false front’.  It’s a paid advertising position that is featured on the first and last page of the paper.

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Site C decision

Today I am struck by the magnitude of the decision that the BC cabinet must make about the future of the proposed Site C dam. Not just all the pressing issues around site C that so many heroic people have been studying and warning us about, some of them for decades. By now we can all repeat many of the most urgent ones.

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Open Letter to Premier Horgan and Minister Mungall

Please stop the Site C dam project. It is morally wrong to continue with a project that supports the increase of greenhouse gases when our planet is experiencing increasing global warming. The former CEO of BC Hydro has said that, “There never was a business case for…Site C, and there is not a business case to support its continuation or postponement.” The BC Utilities Commission report confirms the project will far exceed the current budget. British Columbian taxpayers for many generations should not have to pay for something we don’t need, especially when the costs of renewable sources of energy are coming down dramatically.

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Tom Fletcher’s Campaign Defending Salmon Farms

Tom Fletcher appears to be on a crusade. He is unflinching in his defense of the salmon farm industry and unrelenting in disparaging (nigh on slandering) the new provincial government, first nations activists, environmentalists and really anyone who suggests there might be concerns or problems with salmon farming. Whether it’s ‘reporting’ or ‘opinion’ – it is actually a bit embarrassing to read.

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Abbeyfield House closure

As an older and lower income person, I am dismayed that Abbeyfield House in Courtenay has been closed, and the 10 senior residents transferred to larger institutions. In this day of incredible housing shortages, especially for the vulnerable, how can this happen?

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Important Tidechange Update

Dear Tide Change Readers You may have already heard that there are some big changes coming to Tide Change. For the past nine years Tide Change has been a project of World Community Development Education Society (World Community) and for most of that time we have had...

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Area B resident takes engineer to task for letter regarding Comox pump station

Taking a page from Donald Trump’s playbook, Andrew Gower has made statements in a letter to the editor about sewerage system planning at the Comox Valley Regional District as if they were true, but that in reality have no basis in fact.

He also channels Trump when he attacks people who have concerns about the CVRD’s sewerage planning. And his letter does not disclose that his employer, Wedler Engineering LLP, has done work for both the CVRD and Comox. This creates a direct financial interest that undermines his letter’s objectivity.

But let’s deconstruct Gower’s statements.

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Vimy – A Tragedy Celebrated

Dear Editor ,  My Mother’s Brother Was Nineteen Through the fog of time this April 09 2017 we are about to “celebrate” the so-called coming-of-age of Canada The rough edges will be smoothed over in our mind’s eye ‘Lest we forget’ has been forgotten and Willy McBride...

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