Letters to the Editor

Watergate at the Comox Valley

Dear Comox Valley Resident:

Hopefully, after reading this you will reconsider your support to the Comox Valley Water Treatment Project. Why are we fighting a problem that doesn’t exist?

The Comox Valley Regional District has failed to demonstrate that a new Comox Valley Water Treatment is needed. We need to work as a community to oppose the CVRD project to filter 147 million liters of water per day from the Comox Lake unnecessarily.

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Water issues here in the Comox Valley

Water issues here in the Comox Valley are nothing new and the recent proposal for a water bottling plant in Merville, is just the latest water issue to receive public attention and scrutiny.!!

I find it appalling that in her statements NDP MLA Ronna-Rae Leonard supports the granting of a groundwater license through a process that lacked any public consultation, public notices, public hearings or support from the CVRD. Would MLA Leonard support such a process if it was conducted under a Liberal government? I doubt it very much.!!

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Today I grieve for my country.

Today, one day after the stupefying not guilty verdict of Gerald Stanley, the man who pulled the trigger in the shooting death of the young Cree man Coulten Boushie, Sen. Murray Sinclair, who headed Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission wrote these saddened words…words from the heart speaking to the heart of our wounded nation…words of grief on our behalf…words of wisdom wrapped in sorrow speaking of the shame his (our) country bares.

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PM Trudeau’s town hall

Dear Editor,

I went to Nanaimo on Friday, February 2, for PM Trudeau’s town hall. I didn’t even try to get inside, but talked to people in the line who were waiting to get in. There were people who had concerns about Kinder Morgan, LNG, electoral reform, the opioid crisis, the national housing strategy, and much more.

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With just 257 days before Comox Valley voters choose the 29 elected officials who will run local governments and school district through 2022, only a few people have declared their candidacy.

That’s not unusual for this community, where candidates historically wait until summer to announce they are running. But it’s not the norm in other communities.

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We need independent local news

Recently there has been a lot of public discussion regarding the December 12th issue of the Comox Valley Record.  Tuesday’s paper featured, what is known in the industry as, a ‘false front’.  It’s a paid advertising position that is featured on the first and last page of the paper.

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