On October 20th, Vote for a Food Secure Comox Valley

Are you concerned about issues related to community food security, poverty, health, local food, urban agriculture, and other matters related to resilient communities and food systems? At LUSH Valley Food Action Society (LUSH Valley), we know how important it is to have leaders and decision makers, across the region, that will stand up for our local communities, economies and the environment especially as it relates to healthy food production and access. On October 20th, you have an opportunity to go to the polls and vote for a Food Secure Comox Valley.

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4th Annual Heritage Fall Fair at the Merville Hall

Once again, for you Lovers of All Things Country, on Sunday, September 30th, the Heritage Fall Fair is back at the Big Yellow Merville Hall. From 1 to 5pm we’ll be celebrating this Land of Plenty in the Comox Valley with a Farmers’ Market, food from the kitchen, a Kids’ Zone, refreshments, displays, antique machinery, and skilled local artisans.

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Last sowing, confusing bugs, splitter alert

There is still time to sow hardy winter lettuce and arugula if you do it this week and now is also the perfect time to sow corn salad for winter salads. Pull back mulches and scatter seeds under tomatoes, squash and other plants that will be finished in October. Corn salad seeds may not germinate until the soil cools down, so don’t worry if they don’t come up immediately; it is extremely hardy and one of the few greens that can grow (slowly) during the winter. If you are sowing winter greens in a coldframe, plastic tunnel or unheated greenhouse, you could also sow Chinese cabbage, leaf mustard and other hardy greens now, because the warmer environments provide a little more growing time.

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Linda’s List for Aug. 9: Sow spinach and greens; pests and problems

Yesterday should have been “Spinach Day” in my garden, but it is far too hot to attempt to sow anything right now. I have had good results sowing spinach as late as the middle of August so will wait to until it cools down in a couple of days to plant seeds. The forecast for Saturday is for cooler weather, with a small chance of the ever-receding mirage of rain showers in some places. Gardeners along the outer coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca, where summers are cool and foggy should sow spinach right now to give it time to grow to a good size before winter.

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Local Farmers provide quality food to those in need through LUSH Valley Farm Gleaning project

“LUSH Valley’s Farm Gleaning project provides volunteer labour on the farm when I need it most in exchange for the produce that I can’t sell, says Mariette Sluyter of Whitaker Farm and Merville Organics, “We love knowing that the produce is going to feed people that otherwise may not have access to high quality local produce and it’s great to connect with those who also care about food waste in our community. The whole experience is enriching to so many people, including us as farmers”

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Seventh Annual Garlic Fest

Things are going to get pretty stinky down at the Big Yellow Merville hall on Sunday, August 12th, from noon to 4pm as it is time for the Seventh Annual Garlic Fest. The garlic sellers will have their wagons overflowing with cloves and scapes and will be eager to sell you every other form of farm produce that is now in season.

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You are invited to LUSH Valley’s AGM Dinner

Join us to hear about our amazing 2017-18 year, enjoy some tasty food on a beautiful farm and listen to our guest speaker.

The AGM will be outside, in an accessible location at Minto Farm with tent coverage – please dress appropriately for the weather. Dinner will be provided, but as space is limited we ask that you please RSVP.

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LUSH Valley Food Action Society Launches Farm Gleaning Pilot and seeks Volunteers for Fruit Tree Program

As concerns over food waste, food security, and sustainability increase – gleaning, or harvesting food that would otherwise go to waste- is becoming recognized as a viable practice to increase access to healthy food for all. That’s why this year alongside their successful Fruit Tree Program LUSH Valley is launching a Farm Gleaning pilot program to augment and increase the diversity of local fresh and healthy food supplied to those in need.

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What’s in the Best (Political) Interest of the Comox Valley Farmer

Although the municipal elections seem far in the future, farmers in the Comox Valley are being proactive before their busy season and starting the conversation on what to advocate for. The Mid Island Farmers Institute is meeting on Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm at the Merville Hall to discuss What’s in the Best (Political) Interest of the Comox Valley Farmer?

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