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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

2019-20 Climate Change Chronicle 2

Our community march was on Friday September 27, 2019. It was a march not a walk. The word “walk” suggests a leisurely affair, like a stroll in the park. A “march” has a military tone to it. It suggests that we are entering into a battle—and that is precisely what we are doing.
Many thousands of people in Canada participated in such a march. And a week earlier millions of people in the United States held similar marches.
I found it inspiring and encouraging that this world-wide action was initiated by a sixteen year old student, Greta Thunberg.

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Media as though Canada matters

Canadians are now less than a month from an election with more important issues on the table than I can remember. Climate change is, of course, the big one. I am hoping that Canadians will be diligent in sifting through the rhetoric to identify what party(ies) are truly committed to meaningful change. However climate change is not the only significant issue that voters need to consider.

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A Presentation to the Canadian Association for Creative Schooling by Mike Bell, Principal, at the Comox Valley Green New Deal community high school June 29, 2024. –

We adopted the Green New Deal because unlike many other policy or program approaches it provided a broad new context. All the programs and services included in the GND had to be consistent with efforts to deal with a climate changing world.

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The Life of a Shop Steward

Unions are good for society not only in their ability to protect worker’s rights and to attempt to ensure a fairer distribution of wealth but unions are also important for democracies.

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The Sport of Kings Takes a Beating

From the deaths of 30 horses at California’s Santa Anita Park this racing season to last month’s raid at Vancouver’s Hastings Racecourse by the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA), the sport of kings is taking a beating this summer

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The Buck Stops With The Legislative Assembly Management Committee

“It’s your fault.” “No it’s not, it’s yours.” “Stop bickering, why don’t we all just agree to blame it on the Speaker?” “We can’t do that.” “Why not? It makes perfect sense and it gets us all off the hook at the same time.” Hate to break up the blame game, but no matter how much a few MLAs want to lay it at someone else’s doorstep, the fault belongs entirely to the members of the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LAMC).

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Speak Out On Climate Change Reality During The Federal Election

I am sure many readers get emailed newsletters from West Coast Environmental Law, WCEL,—as I do. However for those who do not this month’s newsletter has fascinating information on the realities of the recent hype from Elections Canada about it being illegal to say anything about the reality of climate change because some party might be denying climate change and thus your speaking out could reduce the chances of the climate change denier party getting elected.

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Sixth Street Bridge—Bringing People Together

As a back drop/inspiring vision about what building the proposed foot of Sixth Street pedestrian/cycling bridge across the Courtenay River might mean to our community, I was going to describe the immense coming together of community spirit that went into building the 50’x150’ community pavilion that is now the pride and centre of community life in the Village of Pemberton.

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Multidimensional Travel

I just finished reading Michael Chrichton’s 1999 book, Timeline. His thoughts regarding how we imagine history and his book’s story-line about using quantum mechanics to visit other timelines and dimensions made me reflect on other ways we may already be experiencing multidimensional or multiverse travel.

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