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Richard at Long point
Richard at Long point
Richard at Long point

The Janus decision

The US Supreme Court ruled on June 27th on the Janus vs. AFSCME case that an Illinois law requiring workers, in a unionized workplace, to pay their ‘fair share’ of union dues, was a violation of ‘free speech’ and so was unconstitutional.  Essentially this makes all public sector jurisdictions in the US governed by “right to work” legislation.

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Don’t overlook the cost of dirty money on B.C.’s communities

With last week’s release of Dirty Money, the report on money laundering in B.C. casinos by former RCMP deputy commissioner Peter German, the province that Maclean’s Magazine once called the most corrupt in Canada now finds itself an also ran to B.C.

A lot of public attention has been focused on the shock and awe videos that Attorney General David Eby played at that news conference, but not so much on the connections between crime, gangs and money laundering.

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Reformulating vehicle/bike/pedestrian relations for a better Comox Valley transportation brew

!!…###___###…!!(words you don’t want to see in print and I would rather not admit to using)—but use them I did! The words just poured out like a Mount Polley sized tailings rupture of words I didn’t, actually, know were so instantly accessible to my vocabulary! If I had had time to think about it, I would have chosen my words more carefully. But, I didn’t have time to think. I had only a split second to get my bike stopped to avoid being run over by yet another vehicle whose driver seemed oblivious to the idea that roads—especially in commercial parking lots—are supposed to be shared with pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars and trucks.

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B.C.’s housing crisis rants

Ever sense that you’ve been listening to one, or more, of these rants again and again over the past few years?

“It’s foreign buyers. No, it’s not. Show me your proof. The CMHC said so. No, they didn’t. They said there wasn’t sufficient data to form a conclusion.”

“It’s all about supply. Yeah, right, what supply? Every time you guys dream up a new condo project you sell it all through pre-sales in China and Singapore. You’re a xenophobe.”

“It’s the city’s fault. More to the point it’s Vision Vancouver’s fault and their stupid rules. Hey, condos don’t leak any longer, you’d think they’d trust us by now. And don’t get me started on their bike-lanes.”

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Comox mayoral candidate Tom Diamond has a strong vision for a vibrant town facing massive growth pressures — a future by design, not by default

Tom Diamond loves the Town of Comox. He’s lived there for eight years, and thinks it’s a well-run municipality. But he would like to see the town led toward a more vibrant future.

So Diamond is running for mayor in this fall’s election.

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Quotable History

There are a number of notable quotes around the subject of history.
‘History is written by the victors’- Winston Churchill ‘
There often is an ‘official’ version of history taught in schools and disseminated by the media that is so persuasive most people take it as a fact of life but that does not mean it is the only history out there. It is very difficult to kill an idea or a memory, and as long as a few people carry the alternative narrative within them, it can eventually be brought into the light.

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BC Report: The Need to Convince – The ENGOs’ Necessary Leadership

While the most notorious environmental event in BC this spring may appear to be the federal acquisition of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, which the media pitches as a confrontation between Alberta and BC, this political circus may just be a subtext to more important over-arching biological and environmental concerns. Indeed, the notorious media-focussed announcement of the prime mininister’s acquisition of a controversial pipeline in the name of “the national interest”, has overshadowed the much-more important, if more matter-of-fact, release by the Alpine Club of Canada and the University of Alberta of the 2018 State of the Mountains Report, which underlines the fact that science knows no borders and is always in “the public interest.”

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