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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Overheard at the bank, B.C. Hydro’s first meeting with the loans officer

So you’d like to borrow $10.7 billion?

Yes sir. It’s for a hydro-electric dam.

Well that’s a lot of green for green energy. How exactly did you arrive at that cost?

Happy to report we went to the same team that came up with the $1.5 billion estimate for the Port Mann bridge. They were so close to the mark with that $3.6 billion project we had to go back to them again.

Do you have a business plan at all that I could share with my superiors?

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Salt marching to a better world

I went out for a walk today, New Year’s day—along the river, through Ruth Masters Greenway, along the powerline, by the river. Broken soft white clouds dotted the balmy blue sky. The warm sun reflected off a crunchy few centimeters of snow as white and fresh as the clouds. People smiled in passing and even the dogs seemed friendly. But I was brooding.

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Review: EcoTrilogy by Ray Grigg, published Nov. 2017

Solving our environmental problems is proving complicated, not only because we don’t know what to do, but because our journey to solutions requires that we confront huge technological challenges as well as our individual and collective human character. This complexity becomes obvious when reading The EcoTrilogy. As a weekly environmental columnist, having written more than 750 pieces over 16 years, Ray Grigg has developed a sense of perspective on a situation that will tax humanity’s intelligence and resolve.

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The Broken Government: Site C and the State of the Arctic

The decisions we make reflect our values and our priorities.  The release of the National Ocean and Atmospheric Agency’s (NOAA) annual “Report Card on the Arctic”  last week has tremendous bearing on where our society’s ethos is taking us.  And that has even more bearing on what the greed and the incompetence of the BC Liberals under Christy Clark, and what the lies and fecklessness of the NDP over the Site C decision will mean for future generations of British Columbians – if we make it beyond 2100.  Personally speaking – that is increasingly doubtful, because we increasingly seem to elect the most shady and morally bankrupt individuals into office.  And I also think that the time for gentility is fleeting – it just leads to exploitation and abuse, as experience and now scholarly research shows.

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Resolution time for B.C. politicians

Who could possibly have imagined what 2017 had in store for British Columbia twelve months ago?

We were all eye witnesses to a future political science seminar that left 87 MLAs sitting in the B.C. legislature where they didn’t quite expect to be sitting 12 months ago.

As it is every year at this time, a few New Year’s resolutions for B.C.’s political class to consider putting in their mix for 2018.

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Site C’s bill of goods carries a hefty price tag

Difficult to imagine them getting caught dead in the same room a few weeks ago, but to paraphrase William Shakespeare, “Site C acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.”

The list of supporters includes the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the Allied Hydro Council, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association, B.C. Building Trades, Christian Labour Association, the Progressive Contractors Association, MoveUp and the B.C. Chamber of Commerce.

It’s a veritable Site C love-in.

They all seem to think they’ve won something too, which is going to be fun to watch when the honeymoon is over.

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Growing Pains

A United Nations audit of the Paris Agreement on international efforts to curb emission of greenhouse gases found that even if signators keep their pledges the Earth will heat to at least three degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels by 2100.

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