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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Local Farmers Host “Meet Your Maker” Event

Farmers and food processors are invited to meet one another and find out how to better support local food in the Comox Valley on Wednesday, Nov 20th from 7-8:30pm at the Merville Hall, 1245 Fenwick Rd. The Mid Island Farmers Institute will be hosting this event as part of their monthly series of meetings. The evening is free for all members with a suggested donation of $5 for visitors.

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Converting the Churches To a New Cosmology

The Christian Churches—and here I’m referring to the mainstream Christian Churches I’m familiar with—were leaders in a wide variety of social change issues: schools, hospitals and medical services, racial integration, development of labour unions, reform of prisons, opposition to wars and nuclear weapons, and so forth. But in terms of climate change they have been strangely silent.

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Climate Change Dreams and Visions

I don’t make a habit of quibbling with the Bible but, as one of the old people—I’m a few weeks away from my 81st birthday—I have both a vision and dreams. I’ll tell you about them. I might also do a bit of prophesying.

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Beware of the Bot.

I know from our conversations that s/he has for a long time been concerned about the attempt by financial giants to entirely take over/own all of nature and its processes. So, voila, the bots start feeding taylour made articles to the listserve on how the hidden/nefarious intention of the “climate change industry” is to ensure the complete financialization of nature.

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Choices for October 21

Here we are again faced with the task of sorting through the issues and campaign materials and then choosing who will be our local Member of Parliament and subsequently who will govern Canada for the next four years. As with many things humans do, it is complicated, at times messy and depressing, but it is also our responsibility.

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2019-20 Climate Change Chronicle 2

Our community march was on Friday September 27, 2019. It was a march not a walk. The word “walk” suggests a leisurely affair, like a stroll in the park. A “march” has a military tone to it. It suggests that we are entering into a battle—and that is precisely what we are doing.
Many thousands of people in Canada participated in such a march. And a week earlier millions of people in the United States held similar marches.
I found it inspiring and encouraging that this world-wide action was initiated by a sixteen year old student, Greta Thunberg.

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Media as though Canada matters

Canadians are now less than a month from an election with more important issues on the table than I can remember. Climate change is, of course, the big one. I am hoping that Canadians will be diligent in sifting through the rhetoric to identify what party(ies) are truly committed to meaningful change. However climate change is not the only significant issue that voters need to consider.

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A Presentation to the Canadian Association for Creative Schooling by Mike Bell, Principal, at the Comox Valley Green New Deal community high school June 29, 2024. –

We adopted the Green New Deal because unlike many other policy or program approaches it provided a broad new context. All the programs and services included in the GND had to be consistent with efforts to deal with a climate changing world.

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