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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Observing Territorial Control

​Have you ever noticed how controlling we become when we assume that others have “crossed” our self-imposed boundaries, whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual? Years ago, when I first became a hobby farm owner, I had my first experience with the invisible line in the sand syndrome.

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Returning to the Mountain

Aldo Leopold was one of the founders of the environmental movement in the mid-1900s. Many of us first heard of him when we read his book A Sand County Almanac. For me one of his quotes still has special significance today. He said, “We must think like a mountain.”

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Love, CERN and Burning Man

What does a nuclear physicist at CERN and a co-founder of the Burning Man event have in common? They are both part of a community looking for the God particle and they both feel that without their work, their life would have no meaning.

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Time’s Up

A shift has been happening over the last couple of years. As a number of high profile sexual harassment and sexual assault cases in the entertainment industry have become headline news, there seems to be a real change in how sexual relations are regarded. The patriarchal structure of our society is being called to account.

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BC Report: A New “Domain of Risk” for Environmental Policy-making from Coast to Coast

Can one write a BC report that would not be equally applicable to what is happening Quebec? To consider this is almost an object lesson of why the profession needs a truly “Canadian Soci-ety of Environmental Biologists” around which to develop a national conversation on the com-mon professional and environmental challenges that we will face over the next 12 years, as urged by the latest IPCC report.

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Message in a Book

The thread of our life is woven into a tapestry which connects each of us. So when you come across a “sign” to follow that thread, it is worth the side trip to see where it leads. You can obtain unique messages and information as you travel the momentary detour on your chartered path. It could be as simple as opening a book.

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Five Anti-Fracking Activists Speak at CV Forum

The environmental and cultural dangers posed by LNG, fracking, and gas pipelines and the direct effect they may soon have on the Salish Sea, the Comox Valley, and Barkley Sound were discussed at a recent public forum at the Florence Filberg Centre. More than 100 people heard the dire warnings from five anti-fracking activists.

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