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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Extracting The Oil From Democracy

This year’s annual World Community Film Fest(WCFF)–the twenty-eighth film fest in the Comox Valley—was, in my humble opinion, the most informative, enjoyable, entertaining, emotionally animating and intellectually disturbing film fest (or any event for that matter) I have attended in a very long time.

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On Becoming Earthlings

Frequently in these chronicles I have referred to us humans as “earthlings.” In this chronicle I’d like to discuss the term “earthlings” in more detail.

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Addicted To Our Thoughts

As we begin our four part series on the topic of addictions, we will start with a possible “Why” we have addictions in the first place. Without repetitive patterns of thought would we be prone to addictions? Technically, we are often addicted to the stories we tell ourselves.

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How To Harness Your Energy For High Performance

Have you ever imagined how fulfilling your life would be if you could harness the energy of the cosmos? Since your energy is directed by your mind, it’s an interesting fact that it’s the 1st step that most people miss; setting a goal that strengthens your character and delivers the lifestyle you really want.

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Be careful what you wish for when it comes to private auto insurance

Imagine a land where drivers pay 55 per cent more for auto insurance than other drivers in Canada, a land where an insurance company may not cover you because of the city you live in, a land where your automobile insurance premiums isn’t based on your driving record but your postal code.

It’s a land that allows British Columbians a peek into the future, if private auto insurance should come to pass in the province.

That land is Ontario.

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