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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Federal Budget – A Moral Shortfall

The 2019 Federal budget that came down March 19 is reflective of the Prime Minister, looks good on the outside but is mushy on the inside. There are improvements that have garnered some applause but considering what is needed on issues like climate change, affordable housing and universal childcare it falls way short of the mark.

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Collect Experiences Not Debt

Money is an energy that very few of us understand and, with retrospect, most of us fear. We fear the lack of “it”. I am happy to say that many more people in this next generation are waking up and empowering themselves simply by getting “clear” about the fact that money is a tool, not a destination.

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The Spiritual Side Of Our Response to Climate Change

As the title of this chronicle indicates, it is about the urgent need to reframe on a spiritual level in a world undergoing the increasingly severe effects of climate change. (First, In terms of Spirituality–Full Disclosure: I am a Christian and a former monk and Roman priest practicing my faith in a Unitarian Fellowship.) So what is a frame?

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Reframing for Climate Change

In the mid-90s in the run up to the creation of Nunavut, I was running a reframing workshop in Resolute, a small community in the high arctic. The participants were newly hired civil servants, all of them non-Inuit, preparing to enter their jobs in the new Nunavut government.

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Observing Territorial Control

​Have you ever noticed how controlling we become when we assume that others have “crossed” our self-imposed boundaries, whether they are emotional, physical or spiritual? Years ago, when I first became a hobby farm owner, I had my first experience with the invisible line in the sand syndrome.

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Returning to the Mountain

Aldo Leopold was one of the founders of the environmental movement in the mid-1900s. Many of us first heard of him when we read his book A Sand County Almanac. For me one of his quotes still has special significance today. He said, “We must think like a mountain.”

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