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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Sixth Street Bridge—Bringing People Together

As a back drop/inspiring vision about what building the proposed foot of Sixth Street pedestrian/cycling bridge across the Courtenay River might mean to our community, I was going to describe the immense coming together of community spirit that went into building the 50’x150’ community pavilion that is now the pride and centre of community life in the Village of Pemberton.
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Multidimensional Travel

I just finished reading Michael Chrichton's 1999 book, Timeline. His thoughts regarding how we imagine history and his book's story-line about using quantum mechanics to visit other timelines and dimensions made me reflect on other ways we may already be experiencing multidimensional or multiverse travel.
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Putting the Ball in the Air

I have received a bit of reader feedback on my last post, "The End". All of the “input” was, in one way or the other, critical of the very thought of anyone saying that our cumulative impact on Earth’s climate has brought us to a tipping point beyond which we cannot turn back from the mechanisms rapidly pushing Earth toward a climate that will not be habitable to human beings.
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A Letter To My Wayward Brother

These are dark times and frankly it makes me despair of a bright future for us all. I can ignore or curse the points of views of strangers depending on my mood that day but when family profess hatred towards people who are different, and take pride in their ignorance of history and science, I must say something.
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Paranormal : The New Normal

"The earth is flat". Today such a statement would create laughter. Hundreds of years ago, saying otherwise, with an additional phrase stipulating that it was also not the center of the universe, could get you imprisoned or worse. Throughout human history there are so many such examples that one would think we would have learned, as a species, to keep an open mind.
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B.C.’s Police Forces: Under Budgeted, Over Stressed and Over Stretched

Over the past few days, British Columbians have been treated to a second Surrey city councillor, Brenda Locke, jumping Mayor Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition for possibly more treacherous waters, six of Surrey's largest Sikh and Hindu temples calling on Solicitor General Mike Farnworth to approve McCallum's plan to switch from the RCMP to a municipal police force and a few featuring the health employer tax as one of the causes behind the Victoria police department's budgetary woes.
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