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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Oh, Canada! Hypocritical and Absurd. We Long for Your Better Days…

If I were asked to choose two words that most comprehensively describe Canada’s role in global politics these days they would have to be hypocrisy and absurdity. Take, for instance, the idea that Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to find an opportune time to announce that Canada will ban the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies from developing 5G networks in Canada because China might (some day) use some aspect of that to spy on Canadians.

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Gratitude in the Comox Valley

There are no coincidences in life. This past Sunday, as I was sitting on a bus heading to Courtenay after a wonderful weekend in Sydney, I listened to a passenger chatting with the bus driver. She was heading to Quadra Island for a 6 day kayaking trip and her heartfelt story defines the grace of gratitude.

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Union Avoidance and Bill 30

There is so much misinformation and ignorance about unions. Let’s look at the reality for workers trying to form a union since that is one of the flashpoints in the debate about the bill recently introduced in the B.C. legislature – Bill 30: ‘Labour Code Amendments 2019.’

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It’s a Matter of Judgment, Sound Judgment

After weeks of work on a file, a few things are bound to stick with you, like this comment: “Ryan Kam’s head was not chopped off. He was hit on the head numerous times with a hatchet to kill him.” Amazingly, the research that led to that assertion started from some sponsored advertising content for Mother’s Day, of all things, in a May 2012 issue of the Goldstream Gazette, by the now defunct West Coast Tap House.

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A Lesson From the Far Side

I’ve always been fascinated by cartoons. The role of the cartoonist is to take some aspect of ordinary life—something we all recognize—and create a scene that is a mirror of our own lives.

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