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Pieter Vorster

Chief Editor

Even The Patience Of Mother Earth Has A Limit

Difficult and painful as it is to think the Coved19 pandemic which is so rapidly overpowering humanity and its economies is behaving like powerful medicine for our beleaguered Earth. Iit is a hard analogy to refute, especially in terms of the Earth’s self regulating mechanisms we have come to call the Gaia hypothesis.

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Is a Mountain of TP the Defining Value of the Age of Humanity?

Oh, my gosh! Reality has become more absurd than we could have imagined. Imagine: trains of Costco carts leaving the big box store with nothing but toilet paper! Enough TP to supply whole subdivisions for months going out the door in a day! Our most precious product/belonging –TP: not mother of Pearl nor potatoes, nor steak, nor fine wine, nor great music, nor—even—antiviral meds; just TP!?

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I’m So Happy To Be Here Now

In these times we live in it is easy to fall into a pit of despair, of feeling overwhelmed. The goal of a society of equals living peaceably on a healthy planet seems to be drifting farther and farther out of our grasp. Thankfully there are those who see that it is not all doom and gloom. I have known George Lakey since 1998 when I took a ’Training for Change’ workshop from him in Sunshine Valley, east of Hope (it is true). He is one of my heroes, a person of heart, intelligence and vision and he has been in the struggle for over 70 years.

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On the Journey to a Climate Change Culture

In my last chronicle I laid out the need to develop a climate change culture. I noted that our current culture is, in effect, an economic culture and it is dominating Earth. Because it is ravaging Earth’s resources it is the major cause of our climate change crisis. We need a different kind of culture, one that will help us deal with this crisis on a long term basis. So how do we go about creating a climate change culture?

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Credit Unions for a Better Community

Because I have been an advocate for more credit union values on credit unions and have served on the boards of directors of both Comox Valley Credit Union and Coastal Community Credit Union CCCU I often have people calling up at this time of year asking who I will be voting for in the election of Coastal Community Credit Union directors.

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Our Economic Culture

First, because the world is in the midst of climate change. This global phenomenon has already affected many countries and regions of Earth. It will continue to do so in different ways. We need to develop a culture specifically designed to deal with climate change, a culture we can share with other communities who are developing their own climate change cultures. To borrow a motto from the not too distant past, “Think globally, act locally.”

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The Conundrum On Which Democracy Founders?

It seems to me that the current NDP provincial government, under the leadership John Horgan and Carole James, has done a reasonably good job of moving toward a more just and caring society with the need to foster the long term well being of our economy. I would give our current government very high marks for cleaning up the, BC Liberal created, swamp of big money dominance over our electoral process and all the corruption that went with it.

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Unions and Me Too

The Me Too movement has done tremendous work in a short time but, like a lot of movements, it has stood on the shoulders of those who came before. In most of the news stories and articles written about harassment in the workplace there is little acknowledgement of the hard practical work union women and their allies have done in their unions over the past 50 years. By ignoring that work we are also missing out on possible solutions to the problem.

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Combatting Human Trafficking Requires Action

As the Regina Leader Post reported on January 30, “Three men and one woman from British Columbia are due in a Swift Current courtroom Friday on human trafficking-related charges after RCMP officers intercepted three speeding vehicles outside that city earlier this week.”

The four – twins Seyed Kourosh Miralinaghi and Seyed Kamran Miralinaghi, both 19, Shawn Alexander Kelly, 23, and Shermineh Sheri Ziaee, 36 – all reside on Vancouver Island. Ziaee, mother of the twins, was also charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

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When Your Favorite Journalist Isn’t

Tonight I sit in front of the computer screen, my fingers hanging on the keyboard ready to—once again—translate what I am trying to communicate into script AND…the words don’t come. I am at a loss to understand, let alone write about Andrew Nikiforuk’s January 27 post on The Tyee Huawei to Hell . For years, I, like so many others, have regarded Nikiforuk’s columns/books/writing as examples of journalism in the public interest—at its best!

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