Dear Tide Change Readers

You may have already heard that there are some big changes coming to Tide Change. For the past nine years Tide Change has been a project of World Community Development Education Society (World Community) and for most of that time we have had the good fortune of having Angela Burns as our Chief Editor.  We were very reliant on Angela to keep the Tide Change website current and her resignation earlier this year led us to review our past and explore some future possibilities.  After nine years of supporting and managing the Tide Change website the directors of World Community feel it has matured to a point where it has the potential to be self-sustaining.  We have decided to hand over the reins

We are pleased to inform you that Pieter Vorster at Pod Creative ( has assumed full ownership and management of Tide Change as of June 1, 2017.  Pieter has volunteered many hours over the past years helping World Community stay up to date with the changing world of the internet and we wish him every success with this new endeavour.  World Community is not completely out of the picture however.  We are continuing to serve on an editorial advisory committee to assist Pieter in managing the website.  We are happy that he shares our original vision of this site as a community service serving the people and the community groups of the Comox Valley. 

Thank you to all our readers, especially those of you who have been so loyal to Tide Change over the years.  We hope that you will continue to see the value of Tide Change and continue to support it in whatever way you can.  Please continue to send in suggestions for articles or community events to: and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (see bottom footer of the front page on Tide Change).

Yours sincerely,  

Board of Directors

World Community