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All Candidates Forum on water issues

In our Valley, water issues are often in the news. Whether it is extreme rain and tides, boiling our drinking water, or dealing with summer shortages, more and more we find that water is something we need to pay attention to. This is why several local groups have invited our provincial political candidates to an all-candidates forum focused on water. The public is invited to attend and hear what our potential representatives have to say regarding their plans to address water-related challenges in the Valley and province-wide. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions.  The Water All-Candidates Forum...

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MP Rachel Blaney’s list of concerns about Liberal government increase

(Special to TideChange) North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney has a growing list of concerns about the government of Justin Trudeau – and is also worried about the price Canadians will pay for thee apparent disrespect for democratic processes. In a media teleconference on April 13, Blaney commented that the House was given a 300 page omnibus budget package – after Liberals promised to abandon the practice started by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. “The budget requires 30 pieces of legislation to be changed, none of which are mentioned in the budget.” Among the changes are measures which will raise...

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Missed opportunities in the health firings

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.” It’s the missed opportunities over the 2012 healthy ministry firings that will forever haunt the B.C. government. Instead of seizing opportunities to set the record straight, Ombudsperson Jay Chalke’s report – Misfire: the 2012 Ministry of Health Employment Terminations – pointed to a pattern of falsehood piled upon falsehood. The term used in text messages to describe the government’s approach throughout the debacle would be CYA. Chalke found that the case against Roderick MacIsaac “was unsupported by the evidence and untrue.” Something the...

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Accountability, Proportional Representation and the BC Election

As British Columbia voters get set to go to the polls on May 9, they will have their first opportunity to elect a government committed to proportional representation. In recent interviews with Fair Vote Canada’s Victoria Chapter, NDP leader John Horgan and Green Party leader Andrew Weaver agreed they will be making electoral reform a platform issue. The Liberals and Conservatives have not responded to Fair Vote Canada’s requests for interviews or forwarded their position on electoral reform. The BC NDP commit to holding a referendum on proportional representation, and will campaign in favour of a yes vote.  Unlike...

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Labour, Elections, and the NDP

As you may be aware, there is a provincial election happening and on May 9th the citizens of British Columbia will vote on the party that they want to form government for the next four years. As part of this democratic process unions and union activists are out there making people aware of the issues that affect workers, motivating people to get out and vote, and in most cases, supporting the election of NDP candidates. Some people ask ‘why are unions involved in electoral politics?’ The answer is relatively straightforward. It is because we must. We must protect what...

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British Columbia has been undermined

Dear Editor ,   Democratic government in British Columbia has been undermined by unscrupulous conduct and unregulated donations. In Premier Clark’s six years in office, the BC Liberal party raised almost $49 million with limitless corporate and foreign donation rules, while parroting the disingenuous assertion that this deluge of private money would not undermine the public interest. Clark has accepted huge donations from property developers while ignoring real estate money laundering, and property transfer tax evasion. A number of decisions on environmental and forestry policy also point to the influence of donors. During those six years Clark’s ‘cut’ from...

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Federal Liberals backing away from democracy

(special to TideChange) The federal Liberals were elected on a platform that promised change, but have not done what they promised, Comox Valley MP Rachel Blaney claimed in a media teleconference. To the contrary, they seem to be moving backwards, away from a more open democratic process to one with restrictions, she said. The suggestion put forward that the Prime Minister spend only one day a week in the House is not good.  We are fighting for democracy in Canada,  Blaney stated, and we need more accountability, not less. Suggestions about shortening the work week for MPs is also...

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Federal budget short on details

(special to TideChange) The federal Liberals budget was a disappointment to Comox Valley MP Rachel Blaney. In a media teleconference, she repeatedly pointed out that, even where money was allocated for aparticular purpose, there were no details on how it would be allocated. As the NDP critic for seniors issues, Blaney was hard on a budget which provided no money at all to address the aging and growing population of seniors in Canada. One of her concerns is the increasing cost of prescription drugs, especially in the future when the European Canadian Trade Agreement (CETA) takes effect. This is...

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Water: A Public Forum with Maude Barlow

Water is one of the most important issues facing our times. Maude Barlow, Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, passionate water rights activist and award winning author, will be in B.C. to discuss her latest book, Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis. Speaking in Courtenay on April 6 at the Filberg Centre, she is joined by Vancouver Island water advocates, David Stapley and Coree Tull who will highlight the issues we face here in the Comox Valley and in our province. This public forum is extremely relevant as we head into the May 9 provincial...

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B.C. Liberals are a rogue government that must be dispatched

The experience of anything approaching good government or robust democracy in the province of B.C. is now such a distant memory that the present danger is people’s low expectations. The Liberal government of Christy Clark is not so much a government as it is an anti-government: contemptuous of both the public good and of the citizens it is supposed to be governing for. From reckless and damaging tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations (which leaves a budget shortfall of over $3 billion a year) to the $9-13 billion Site C dam catastrophe, to the financial commitment to an...

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