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Damming the Peace book tour

The Comox Valley Chapter of the Council of Canadians welcomes agrologist and author Wendy Holm to Courtenay on Wednesday, July 11, to discuss her latest and critically acclaimed book, Damming the Peace – The Hidden Costs of the Site C Dam.

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Challenging a Colonial Inheritance

While instructing at North Island College in Courtenay, I was assigned to teach an English 115, which is that basic composition class that all entering first-year students must take. The English Department encouraged instructors to create themes for those classes.

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Murakami throws hat in ring

Murakami’s newest venture is running for council for the City of Courtenay. She’s looking forward to applying the skills she learned as a social worker, a safety advisor and a quality assurance consultant for long-term care for the benefit of the city.

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Fair Vote Comox Valley Applauds Clear Referendum Questions

COURTENAY, BC – On May 30, BC’s Attorney General, David Eby, released the provincial referendum questions and regulations. The announcement was welcomed by local proportional representation group, Fair Vote Comox Valley (FVCV).

“We’re pleased to have clear questions for the citizens of BC. FVCV has been working since January 2018 to reach as many voters as possible in our community, and we’ll be continuing to spread the word over the next six months,” says Barb Berger, Chair of the FVCV Steering Committee.

“The referendum issue is about fairness,” Berger continues. “It’s a choice between the old system that works for parties and a modern system that works for voters. No party with less than 40 percent of the vote should be handed all the power. It’s time for a new kind of politics.”

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Is Fairness Enough?

He knew somehow, as I didn’t, that I was about to get an ear-full. It went something like this:

“My friends and I want to know what the question is going to be,” she said. “I get that proportional representation is fairer than first-past-the-post. But that’s not enough for me and my friends. We like things the way they are. Some of my friends are Conservatives, but I’m not. But I agree with them.  Just because first-past-the-post isn’t fair, well that’s not enough.”

Fairness isn’t enough.

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Electoral Reform: A game changer, not a game winner

I’m a big-time college basketball fan. Men’s or women’s basketball, it doesn’t matter. If a college game’s on, I’m glued to ESPN. Other big-time fans know that a basket at the buzzer won Notre Dame the 2018 NCAA Women’s National Championship on April 1. What a way to win the game!

Unlike Notre Dame’s game-winning Hail Mary basket, should the majority of voters support electoral reform in BC’s November referendum, we have only a game changer, not a game winner. In fact, the game’s not over at all because the hard work is really just beginning.


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Blaney blasts Kinder Morgan deadline

Special to TideChange There are 157 issues to be addressed regarding the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and the company is “nowhere close to resolving these goals”, according to North Island-Powell River MP, Rachel Blaney. In a media...

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