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Trojan Horse? What’s Wild Bill Smoking Days?

I dare say that if I were to hand you two articles on climate change and what we should/could/can’t do about it; one by former NDP strategist Bill Tieleman and the other by BC Liberal promoter Tom Fletcher; with the authorship redacted—you’d be very hard put to tell, by the arguments presented, which was cowboy Tom riding high on fumes of Exxon-Mobil climate change denying propaganda and which was Wild Bill quixotically spurring on the exhausted steed of climate action impotence.

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Veterans Affairs Commentary

Rachel Blaney, NDP Critic for Veterans Affairs, is again disappointed in Veterans Affairs Canada’s (VAC) treatment of past Canadian Forces members. “I haven’t held this portfolio for very long, and I’m already seeing a very concerning pattern with regards to how our veterans are treated by their government.”

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Budget 2019 Rachel Blaney Media Statement

Member of Parliament for North Island – Powell River Rachel Blaney is happy to see some things included in the latest federal budget, and disappointed that others were not. Blaney was pleased to see that seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement and working at the same time will have a higher income threshold before having their benefit suspended. However they will have to wait another year and a half for this change to take place.

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NDP Tables Private Members’ Bill to Address Suicides and Mental Health in the Canadian Armed Forces

Randall Garrison, NDP Critic for National Defence and MP for Esquimalt – Saanich – Sooke, has tabled a bill in Parliament to address the serious issue of suicides and barriers to mental health within the Canadian Armed Forces. This new Private Members’ Bill would remove the section of the National Defence Act that states self-harm is a disciplinary offence.

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NDP Call to Build Half a Million Affordable Housing Units

On January 21st in Burnaby, Jagmeet Singh challenged Justin Trudeau to take immediate action to combat the housing crisis and bring relief to Canadians across the country. The NDP Leader announced the first part of his plan to build half a million affordable housing units over the next decade starting with the removal of the federal tax on the building of new affordable housing in the upcoming federal budget.

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