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Blaney unhappy about response re essential housing for Canadians

(special to TideChange) North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney expressed disappointment with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to her request for a commitment to a national seniors strategy. In a media teleconference on October 5, Blaney, who sits on the committee examining the seniors support system as it exists and what is needed, asked the Prime Minister specifically if he would commit to creating a national strategy. His response was a that he knew “the NDP love their national strategies” but that “one of the first things this government did was raise the Guaranteed Income Supplement by 10% for...

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From my heart to yours, a song without end.

The Comox Valley Threshold Choir (CVTC) will be launched October 9 (Thanksgiving Day) as an official Chapter of an international network. However, singers have been practicing the repertoire for nearly a year. Threshold Choirs practice gentle songs that comfort those who are seriously ill, dying, grieving, or in transition. In groups of three, they sing quiet, harmonious melodies such as lullabies and chants. This “song bath” is soothing and comforting and can have a powerful physiological effect on the body, heart and mind. Threshold singing is not a performance: It is an act of presence. Jill, one of the local leaders, loves this refrain: “We are all just walking each other home.”

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Keep Abbeyfield House as homes for seniors

On Thursday, October 5 at the corner of 5th and England there will be a rally in support of keeping the Abbeyfield Society alive and re-opening the Abbeyfield House. As of September 30 the house is empty, all the tenants having had to find other accommodation.

Everyone concerned about seniors’ housing should pay attention to the closing of Abbeyfield House.

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Save Abbeyfield Housing Units

A local group has mobilized to save Abbeyfield House with its option for low income seniors housing in the Comox Valley.

On September 30th, the current Board of Abbeyfield plan to close the doors of the 10-unit Courtenay building which was developed by community resources.

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Hospice Receives Seed Grant for Research

The Comox Valley Hospice Society (CVHS) is honoured to announce a $5000 seed grant award to investigate the experience of people who are grieving a loss of a family member or loved one making a decision to use medically assisted dying (known as MAiD).

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Mid Island Farmers Institute hosts talk on “Organic” & Glyphosate Issues

Farmers in the Comox Valley have had to adjust to a great number of events this season. Epic snow storms, a very wet and long-lasting spring, and record-breaking heat and drought in the summer. Luckily, growers are resilient and with the right information, are able to make decisions that allow their farms to adapt. The Mid Island Farmers Institute will be hosting its first meeting of the fall/winter season on September 20th at 6:30pm at the Merville Hall with two talks that farmers and growers will not want to miss.

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Talking About Death Can Add Value To Life!

Kick the bucket. Buy the farm. Pushing up daisies. Whatever you want to call death — many of us are uncomfortable talking about it. But could we actually benefit from confronting our mortality head on? For most of us, we want time, and lots of it, to live on this earth. However, more and more people are realizing that actually talking about death can add value to life.

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First Responders to Get Free Resiliency Training

A generous donation from Edgewood Health Network Inc. will allow the Canadian Mental Health Association Mid Island to deliver training developed in partnership with BC Firefighters. On the eve of International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31), Edgewood Health Network Inc., donated $17,112.75 to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mid Island. This gracious donation, raised by Edgewood’s Run for Recovery event on June 23, 2017, is being allocated to the delivery of CMHA’s Resilient Minds course to local first responders.

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