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In these chronicles I’ve often used the term “Community Climate Change Culture.” This chronicle explains what I mean by “culture”.
My interest in culture began when I lived in Paris. In May of 1968 I was a student working on a degree. I was also working as a student chaplain. I was living in a residence across the street from the Cite Universitaire Internationale, a huge student campus with forty national houses for students from around the world.

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CVRD purchases land for new Water Treatment Plant

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has purchased a 15.7-hectare piece of land for the construction of a new water treatment plant.

“Acquiring the land for the new Water Treatment Plant is an important milestone for the overall water treatment project,” said Director Bob Wells, Chair of the CVRD Water Committee. “It brings us one step closer to having a modern water treatment system that meets current health standards and ensures safe, high quality drinking water.”

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Province proposes restrictions on increased bitumen transport

On January 30, 2018, the Province announced five possible new regulations aimed at protecting our region from the threats of transporting bitumen and heavy oil. Included is the intention, that while a Science Panel conducts research into the unique properties and behaviour of bitumen, that the Province will restrict increases in the transport of this substance.

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Community Created Agriculture Co-op for the Comox Valley

A group of concerned citizens is creating a food production co-operative in the Comox Valley. The Community Created Agriculture Co-op (CCAC) is in the process of acquiring a 56-Acre farm within city limits in Courtenay. In the next few months, we will be setting up the necessary infrastructure to facilitate production, processing, preservation, storage, and delivery of food in the Comox Valley. This includes the purchase of a farm where food can be produced or collected to be delivered to the 300 individuals or families that will participate in the CCAC Food Supply Program. The co-operative will own, house and maintain, farm equipment, cold storage, processing equipment, etc … for the use of the co-op members on a cost recovery basis.

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Growing Pains

A United Nations audit of the Paris Agreement on international efforts to curb emission of greenhouse gases found that even if signators keep their pledges the Earth will heat to at least three degrees Celsius above pre industrial levels by 2100.

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BC Report: Intractable Practical Questions

BC has changed governments, but the main problems and the environmental concerns that previous governments generated remain unchanged. Over the past seven months the NDP/Green coalition has moved to address concerns with the grizzly trophy hunt, and they have begun discussions towards a re-assessment of the “professional reliance” model. The larger questions, which are tied to the economic model and the future of the province’s energy needs regarding Site C and the Kinder Morgan pipeline, continue to be unresolved. They are part of a larger emerging global problem associated with climate change, and the growing concern with the impact of fossil fuels on the sustainability of the biosphere.

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