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Anxiety is Running High for Families Everywhere.

While a lot of focus is rightly being placed on the safety of students, less discussed are the very real implications on the rest of the family “bubble” (core group of people who maintain physical distance from others and can safely be close to each other during the pandemic). Grandparents, who often serve as the linch pin of the family’s day to day operations, will be facing tough decisions on how to remain safely connected to their grandchildren as a potential second wave of COVID-19 hits this fall

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Environmental Testing at Air Force Beach

SLR Consulting, under contract from the Department of National Defence (DND) and as part of 19 Wing Comox’s environmental monitoring program, will be installing five water-monitoring devices along the DND property line at Air Force Beach starting Sunday

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Holocaust of the Old-Growth Forests

In June, a team of independent scientists, headed by Rachel Holt, revealed that the NDP have been obscuring how much old forest is left. She called their words, “incredibly misleading.” The official tally says there is 23% of the original ancient forest left. Rachel Holt claims most of that 23% are small old alpine trees and/or small old trees in boggy forests. She explains that big old forests make up 1% of that 23%. She predicts that if we keep cutting them down, all will disappear within 12 years. Karen Price, another scientist suggests that” the ecological web of life” is vanishing in front of our eyes. BC Timber Sales, are currently permitting logging in the Taylor River, Upper Tsitika Valley, the Nahmint and the Caycuse, and are poised to cut Dakota Ridge on the Sunshine Coast, home to many black bears and their huge cedar denning trees. Ironically, the Old-Growth Review panel has delayed the official news release until the fall. Unofficially, we know an overwhelming majority of the presenters want to save old-growth forests. This June, a report came out outlining plant and animal species only found in Canada. The conclusions states that we need to protect more lands to protect iconic species. Vancouver Island is the second biggest hotspot in Canada, full of iconic species, and yet it is being raped and pillaged as never before. BC has a global responsibility to save what ancient forest is left for many reasons:

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Shoreline Cleanups are Back

The Shoreline Cleanup, a conservation partnership of Ocean Wise and WWF-Canada, is back up and running and asking for volunteers to help clean Canada’s shorelines. But cleanups will look a little different, because of COVID-19 safety precautions — they will now be done solo or by small groups, although that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. New resources are available to help you plan, with checklists and reminders on where to look for public-health information.

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Lake Trail Community School Garden

As we re-think what community programming looks like through our organization this summer, we have been turning towards the forest. Connecting with nature and being together, safely, is good for us all. From the community garden to Roy Stewart Morrison Nature Park to Puntledge Park, we are finding ways to continue to build community connections surrounded by the natural world. Further details below!

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The Merville Community Victory Garden Blasts Off

In the large, fenced, Community Garden, industrious workers have created the first two 20 x 20 foot plots to be used for garden planting. On Sunday, 7 excited amateur gardeners, under the able guidance of Xander the Green, dug in and filled the nutrient rich earth with hundreds of plants. A rudimentary watering system was set up and the fencing was secured so that wild foragers will be held at bay. This Victory Garden will be the talk of the hamlet when the produce starts rolling in.

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Rotary Supports Food Literacy at the Lake Trail Community School Garden

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Courtenay, Lake Trail Community Education Society will be able to enhance its Community Garden programming. ​

Under normal circumstances, the Garden supports production of local foods for the 368 Lake Trail students who reside in the school’s catchment. Through LTCES, students receive a free, weekly nutritious meal which promotes garden-to-table literacy. Fresh produce from the garden also supports the school’s foods program. ​

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