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An Open Letter To The Graduating Class Of 2020

For all of us the last few months have been new and stressful and sometimes scary, but it has
also opened doors to new possibilities and ways of looking at our world; doors that I hope you
will burst through with passion and curiosity, and a desire to change things for the better. I will
tell you that this will make some of us older folks uncomfortable at times. Please be kind and
patient, but also be persistent. We need to be made uncomfortable. The future is yours. I can’t
wait to see what you do with it.

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Summer Youth Work Opportunity with LTCES

One of the highlights of the year for Lake Trail Community Education Society is welcoming youth into our staff team through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

We have opportunity for one youth, aged 15 to 30, to join us as we develop creative programming and support for our community during this unique time.

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Message From Cindy Xavier, Executive Director CVCDA

Moving to BC a year ago to be closer to family and my new grandson was a life changing decision. One I am thankful to say I haven’t regretted. Being a farm girl growing up on the Saskatchewan prairies, I have a soft spot for close communities. They tend to be filled with big hearted people who always support each other and that is exactly what I have experienced here right from the start!

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Community Partnership Ensures Valley Students Receive Meal Program.

“Throughout this crisis we have maintained our commitment towards the priorities around
mental and physical well-being of our students, as well as continuing our school meal programs,”
explained Tom Demeo, Superintendent of Schools. “We are extremely fortunate to have
partnered with a well-established organization experienced in food distribution and food security
within our very own community.”

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