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District Receives Additional Funds For Safer Reopening Of Schools

“In the past few weeks, our school administrators have reached out to families to get a sense of
their intentions this fall. Although the majority of students will be returning to in-class
instruction, many responses indicate a mix of in-class and remote learning preferences,”
explained Demeo. “An important goal for us is to keep each student closely connected with their
school to support their social and emotional wellness. Therefore, we intend to invest some of
these funds toward hiring staff to oversee school connection opportunities for those students not
ready to return to the classroom. Additional funding couldn’t come at a better time to put this
plan into place right away.”

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LTCES Seeking a Healthy Foods Coordinator

Lake Trail Community Education Society (LTCES) is a dynamic not for profit organization which works in close relationship with Lake Trail Community Middle School to foster a community school model. We have a strong focus on food security and food education.

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District releases the Return to School 2020 Plan

The school year will commence the week of Tuesday, September 8 as an orientation week to
familiarize students, staff and families of the Health and Safety protocols and procedures to
ensure learning environments are safe and fully prepared for in-class, full-time instruction

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Life is the Teacher

My information is meant to contribute to your sense of wellbeing and longevity with an emphasis on quality. I have always loved helping people and will use my skills as a wise woman to brighten your world view and outlook on life. Occasionally I may address the advantages of alternative medicine and my work with energy balancing, auricular (ear) laser acupuncture, Somatic Experiencing, and emotional hygiene. I can speak with some authority as I have been studying and applying these skills on individuals for many years.

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District Prepares for a Full-Time Return in September

“Our schools will be working on developing school specific plans over the next two weeks
following the guidelines developed by the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of
Education,” said Tom Demeo, Superintendent of Schools. “Our intention is to release our
finalized plans to our community by August 26.”

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Best Buy Gives Back to Education

“Best Buy Canada is very committed to positively impacting the communities we serve,”
explained Marriott. “I have been with Best Buy for over three years and have had many
opportunities to support local schools, businesses and families. I am passionate about ensuring
that we help each other through these times.”

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An Open Letter To The Graduating Class Of 2020

For all of us the last few months have been new and stressful and sometimes scary, but it has
also opened doors to new possibilities and ways of looking at our world; doors that I hope you
will burst through with passion and curiosity, and a desire to change things for the better. I will
tell you that this will make some of us older folks uncomfortable at times. Please be kind and
patient, but also be persistent. We need to be made uncomfortable. The future is yours. I can’t
wait to see what you do with it.

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