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CVRD Wanting To Hear From You Regarding Poverty Reduction

“Covid-19 has helped to shine a light on the fact that many people in our community are experiencing various levels of economic insecurity,” states Alana Mullaly, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Regional Growth Strategy Planning. “Lack of affordable housing, childcare, transportation and employment options all increase the incidence and impact of poverty within our community. Actions to reduce poverty can have a positive effect on the entire community, improving quality of life, helping people to live with dignity and creating equal opportunities for residents to contribute and live a full life. We want to hear from you to help guide our Poverty Reduction Strategy and find ways to reduce poverty and build a more inclusive and resilient community.”

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Looking Back on an Extraordinary Year

It is now important that we take the ‘emergency’
out of our programs and work towards ‘healthy local food access for all’
in an ongoing, equitable and sustainable way.
This is the work ahead of us.

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Welcoming Communities Coalition

Our Community forums around Discrimination and Racism were great and we appreciate everyone that attended. As a follow-up to that and based on the feedback received, we are excited to announce that the Immigrant Welcome Centre and the Welcoming Communities Coalition will be hosting our annual joint (Campbell River and Comox Valley) virtual Collaboratory on Wednesday February 24th, 2021 from 2pm – 4:30pm via Zoom.

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