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3 Free Media Forums for Non-profits from the Welcoming Communities Coalition Project

In answer to direct requests from Comox Valley non profit organisations and community service groups, the Immigrant Welcome Centre (IWC) Welcoming Communities Coalition is proud to host a series of 3 action-oriented forums at North Island College in the Comox Valley. Aimed at raising awareness of the work being done mobilizing local actors in support of our goals, and report on the accomplishments of the community, these forums will serve to help staff and volunteers understand the value of online tools, effective writing, and social media, when it comes to spreading information, collaboration, and gaining support. “If there is...

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Local Families Get Access To Healthy Food

Peninsula Co-op has provided an extra boost to local families in the Comox Valley. A donation to Merville Organics Growers Co-op has enabled the farmers to provide sixteen weeks of organic fruits and vegetables to five low-income families in the valley in 2017. The farmer’s group has already reached out to Comox Valley Family Services who are identifying recipient families. Peninsula Co-op currently has over 85,000 members and runs gas centers and convenience stores between Sydney and Comox. Being entirely locally they share profits with their member-owners, our community and staff, and has been doing so since they  opened...

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Village Park Skatepark and Jump Park moving ahead to construction

The Village of Cumberland is excited to announce that construction of the much anticipated Skatepark and Jump Park is moving ahead in spring 2017. The new skatepark and jump park will be built in Village Park adjacent to the Dog Park and Wellington Colliery Trail. The project is a collaboration between the Village and the Cumberland Community Schools Society (CCSS) and United Riders of Cumberland (UROC). While finalized designs for this site have been developed over the past year, Villagers have had a Cumberland skatepark and jump park on their wish list for over a decade. “This project has...

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Garbage and the Soul – Reclaiming the Rejected

The Comox Valley Jung Society will present a lecture “Garbage and the Soul – Reclaiming the Rejected” by Matt Kelly on Friday, March 31, 2017 at NIC. Jungian analyst, Matt Kelly, will ask the question “How does what we reject in the outer world mirror unwanted aspects of our inner life?” Examining our core beliefs often brings us to rejected attitudes and assumptions, and we might consider some psychological ‘recycling’. Some of what we disavow might be worthy of ‘decontaminating’? A shift in how we treat the inner life can impact the way we treat what we encounter in...

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Upcoming Events with Hand in Hand Nature Education

Hello educators, teachers, Recreation/Community Centre Programmers, interested families and members of the Vancouver community,   Hand-In-Hand Early Years Nature Education Program (HIH) is happy to announce the following (upcoming) workshops and conference, see below. JARRETT KRENTZEL DIRECTOR, HAND-IN-HAND EARLY YEARS NATURE EDUCATION PROGRAM Introduction to Coyote Mentoring (Presented by Jason Roberts, co-founder of Taproot Nature Kids) Saturday, April 22, 2017, 10am – 3pm, Cumberland: Coyote Mentoring is a highly effective educational approach developed by Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School. It is based on techniques that Earth-based cultures from around the world have used for thousands of years...

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The Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association (VISTA) set an ambitious goal this week to complete 75 per cent of the Island’s tip-to-tip trail this year. By linking existing trails and adding new trail where needed, the volunteer group, now in its 9th year, has already completed about 450 km of the planned 700-km-long wilderness route from Victoria to Cape Scott. At the association’s 8th annual general meeting held March 8 in Victoria, Operations Director Terry Lewis said projects planned for the south, central and north sections of the Island could add another 75 kilometres of trail in 2017. Read...

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Habitat for Humanity’s ‘Invest in Yourself’ Coming to Campbell River

Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North (HFHVIN) and Coastal Community Credit Union (CCCU) are bringing their free financial planning course to Campbell River. This financial training is open to the entire community. Attendees will receive instruction from Karen Bezaire, Invest in Yourself Instructor, in partnership with professionals at CCCU on how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and save for the future. The first iteration of ‘Invest in Yourself’ recently wrapped up in the Comox Valley, and because of its success Habitat is now bringing the same course to Campbell River. There will be a total...

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Energized board is celebrating the past, looking to future

The founders looked into the future and saw the arts potential of the Comox Valley. Now, half a century later, the Valley is famed for its artistic backbone, and Comox Valley Arts (the region’s Community Arts Council) is celebrating. The group is marking its 50-year anniversary in a big way April 1, starting with a youth showcase and moving into a live art and visual art gala and dance party at the Florence Filberg Centre. “We’re really excited to present this event,” says Anna Rambow, president of the CV Arts board. “This milestone recognizes the efforts of all the...

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CVNS takes stand against Town of Comox for Mack Laing

The Comox Valley Naturalists Society (CVNS) has stated its objection to the Town of Comox’s application to change the Trust of noted Canadian naturalist, Hamilton Mack Laing (1883-1982). CVNS, established in 1966 and formerly known as The Comox-Strathcona Natural History Society, has been since at least 1979, a more than willing partner to bring about the realization of the explicit terms of Laing’s Trust. As the two letters, dated 1979 and 1981, recently found in Laing’s correspondence in the BC Archives, the CVNS has been associated with Laing Trust since its inception. We worked with Laing in close cooperation...

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“Stepping Stones” – A Syrian Refugee Story for Children

Stepping Stones is a new childrens’ book, which tells the story of Syrian refugees. Beautifully illustrated and with a simple engaging text, it is captivating the interest of Canadians. Locally it is being used as a fundraiser to bring an Iraqi Kurdish family with two small children who fled Mosul, Iraq to the Comox Valley. Each book sold will contribute $10 to support this family’s sponsorship. Books can be purchased online at this link or at Second Page Bookstore, 546 Duncan Avenue, Courtenay. Canadians from coast to coast to coast have been moved to action by the stories...

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