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From Cambell River to Comox Valley and Beyond

An avid hiker, Catherine has linked her passion for exploring the outdoors with her innate talent for tourism promotion and marketing. Meet Catherine Temple, the woman behind the hiking trail map series, which has now added the Comox Valley in its new Go Hiking Vancouver Island rebranding for May 2019.

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With Rage, Grief and Resolve

After these last few days, I’m feeling a mixture of rage, grief, and resolve. The news of Friday’s horrific Mosque attack in New Zealand, which claimed 50 lives, shook me to the core. 50 lives. 50 families abruptly and irreversibly altered.

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Where Do We Go From Here?

With the final article about the topic of addiction, we must ask ourselves the question, “Where do we go from here”? What are the next steps for residents in the Comox Valley looking to address addictions, whatever they may be, in order to regain the freedom to live fully and authentically.

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Why I Wrote Sacred Trees, Sacred People of the Pacific Northwest by Sharon McCann

I wrote this book because I live in the Pacific Northwest of North America, where trees resonate within our collective consciousness. Some of us who live here speak of our trees as friends or healers. Some of us speak about incredible and spontaneous spiritual experiences we have had while leaning on a tree. Some of us have dedicated ourselves to protecting parks, watersheds and forests, such as the Cumberland Community Forest.

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Calling All Writers in The Comox Valley

In March, Tide Change will be showcasing everything that has to do with the art of writing in the Comox Valley. Luckily, we have an extraordinary variety of people in our community who make a living from books, work with books or simply put pen to paper when inspiration strikes. Time to celebrate the printed word.

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John Lennon’s, song “Imagine” playing like coconut salve in the back ground. “Close your eyes. What is your dream, mystery, delight?,” our fearless writing leader at Spinnaker’s Marina, coos, celebrating, “You showed up. You are here!”

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Hope in Kwispaa LNG Pipeline Discussions

Somehow my conscience and a friend’s request egged me on to attend the presentation of the proponents for the Steelhead Kwispaa LNG pipeline project to Comox Valley Regional District Board at 4 pm , February 5. Some five decades of both activist and professional experience have taught me to expect little of such meetings – to the point of boredom.

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