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The Reasons I Support Proportional Representation

Too many of us have water that is not safe to drink, air that is not safe to breathe, and food that is not safe to eat; meanwhile corporate profits continue to soar. I support Proportional Representation, (PR), because I am tired of the rich running and ruining British Columbia. Corporate funded ‘majority’ governments elected by less than 40% of the voters, continue to allow corporations to profit from our water and other natural resources. These same corporations dump toxic tailings into our waterways, incinerate their industrial waste, clearcut our remaining forests, and pollute our soil.

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The Death of Governing Whiplash

The other day, I stopped by the grocery store to buy a few things. I took a chance and stood in the express line which also sells lottery tickets. Sometimes the line can move really quickly, but, at other times, because of the lottery tickets, the line can slow down to a crawl. In this particular case, an older woman, older than me anyway, was cashing in her lottery tickets. The clerk handed her a couple of tens and then five twenties. Although the woman was a winner, I wondered how much she had lost over the years compared to how much she had won.

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The video going around about Stotan Falls

Re that video going around about Stotan falls, it shows one side…fine but is always posted in such a way that one can not make comments. This is not unlike 3L who always have presented their side but never mention the trade off that would be involved should they get permission, amend our zoning and “donate” that “Park”. I’ve heard them say they will give the Park as a “gift” that is incorrect because a gift does not have strings attached.

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Introducing Our New Chief Editor!

We are so excited to have Catherine Hedrich lead the editorial direction of Tide Change and build upon its community foundation of collaborative support. As a new resident of the Comox Valley, her outsider’s perspective will undoubtedly bring fresh and useful insights, while setting the stage for the development of a sustainable and interactive communication platform for our community enterprise, beginning with her new column, Community Conversations.

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The Trickle-Up Effect

As a child of the sixties, I remember the significant role regular people played, who mobilized at the grassroots, in changing the course of history. Think Canadian efforts in the Peace Movement, the Women’s Movement, and the Environmental Movement.

Some big names and well-known faces are associated with each movement, but, we now think of as movements would have been nothing but blips on the historical screen without the discontent, the righteous indignation and the lay-their-freedom-on-the-line action of the nameless and faceless many.

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Taxpayers Alliance

I have noticed a number of Adds in the local Comox Valley Record regarding the city of Courtenay spending.

I too am very concerned about affordability of housing. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg with tent cities.Unfortunately, drug use masks the real problem of affordable housing which is going to land on our Grand Children .Gone are the days when an average income earner can purchase a single family home, but how will low income earners afford an apartment or basement suite with ever increasing costs?

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Restoring Kus-kus-sum is restoring our richness

In days gone by, say 50 years ago, no one gave much thought to how we interacted with the natural world. The environment, the complex as we think of it today, simply didn’t exist. It’s was just something we passed through or the platform that delivered the sauce of life but not life itself.

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Tribute for Bob Hager

We miss Bob Hager attendances at our monthly meetings of the Tsolum River Restoration Society. When he and Judy, his life companion, were not travelling elsewhere in the world, he would always fly over from Vancouver to be present at our meetings, to give us encouragement and sage advice and extend his generosity. During the last several months, when he knew was dying, he still made the flights, but accompanied either by his daughter, Shelly, or one of his former business colleagues.

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