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Nōmina Wellness is breaking the Mental Health Mold with Engagement and Expertise

The Comox Valley has changed in many ways. Our local population has significantly grown in size, we’re grateful that our current local government officials continue to bridge old gaps (mind the Puntledge pun), and the need for adapting our housing initiatives is driven home by almost unbelievable stories of professionals sharing basement suites with NIC students while looking for homes. And they are the fortunate ones, as too many Comox Valley residents remain homeless while incredibly engaged and qualified people work full tilt full time to find solutions to our social justice dilemmas. It is our pleasure here at to introduce you to Nomina Wellness, the new mental health facility with an inclusive, enganged multi-tiered approach to integrating those on the fringes back into the society they long to be part of.

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Richard Davis new Editor of Tide Change

I am Richard Davis, I find myself the next caretaker of Tide Change. I was looking for ways to get involved with the Comox Valley community and I met Pieter Vorster. If you have met him, you know that he can get you involved. He is here to mentor me, facilitate the technical operation of the site and ensure it stays on track.

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Time To Say Goodbye

The year has passed very quickly and, as Editor of Tide Change, I have enjoyed many conversations in the wonderful coffee shops of the Comox Valley. I have observed and, in my own small way, helped to inform our readers about individuals and groups making a difference in our community. But now it is time for me to say goodbye.

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World Indigenous Peoples Day and the Comox Lake Watershed

As we review the state of our own watershed in the Comox Valley, let us listen to the world’s indigenous peoples who have the knowledge we, as “Younger Brother”, are so disconnected from. In honour of the 2019 World Indigenous Peoples Day, I ask that you watch the documentary, Aluna. We need to “see” our water through their eyes.

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Community Partners for Marine Conservation

Communities are everything. They are at the heart of the work that we do every day, as we focus on being a better and stronger partner for healthy coastal communities, like yours. Interestingly, socially-minded businesses are taking note of our approach, sharing our values with their customers and, as a result, the importance of action on marine conservation is being amplified.

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Our Campaign Fell Short, But…

Our spring campaign asking you to support local news that connects communities came to an end over three weeks ago. We’ve been conspicuously quiet since as we dug through the data grappling with what the results mean for our next steps.

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The Art of Dying

Why have a conversation about dying? Because it is the most important conversation that you and I will have in our lifetime. The content of our conversation literally defines the life that we have lived up to this present moment and that is worth talking about.

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How to Expand Perception

On Monday, during a meeting with an excellent local journalist, I was told that my thinking on a particular topic was at the 30,000 feet level. This was his way of stating that few people in this community would both understand and agree with my bird’s eye view of the transformational power of our expanded perception. Let’s see if he is right.

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“Not Genocide”? Clearly Justin Legalized Pot for a Reason

So Canada is apparently tongue-tied about the Missing Women’s Inquiry Report admitting that it was “genocide” ( All kinds of experts are stepping forth to say this is not genocide, Their main argument is that it was not “intentional”, and Canada is the land of well-intentioned people.

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