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Review: EcoTrilogy by Ray Grigg, published Nov. 2017

Solving our environmental problems is proving complicated, not only because we don’t know what to do, but because our journey to solutions requires that we confront huge technological challenges as well as our individual and collective human character. This complexity becomes obvious when reading The EcoTrilogy. As a weekly environmental columnist, having written more than 750 pieces over 16 years, Ray Grigg has developed a sense of perspective on a situation that will tax humanity’s intelligence and resolve.

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Dear Former Readers of Shades of Green

If you have been wondering what happened to Shades of Green, my efforts to raise awareness about our environmental challenges have just taken a different form. During the last year and a half, I have been editing, enlarging, updating and footnoting a selection of the more durable Shades of Green pieces that I wrote over the many previous years. These have been compiled and published in a three-volume book-set called The EcoTrilogy, comprised of Ecologos, Ecopathy and Ecocide.

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