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Surviving Facebook?

As I sat down to write this post about Facebook and its ubiquitous searching/analyzing of human communication for commercial/political vulnerabilities of all of its 3 billion subscribers my thoughts kept coming back to Tolkien’s story of the ring and its magical ability to “bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

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Creating a Listserve For A Sustainable Comox Valley

For over twenty years a small group of people in the Comox Valley managed a list serve (A Sustainable Comox Valley—ascv)that promoted respectful conversations about all aspects of sustaining healthy people on a healthy planet. Unfortunately that listserve came to an end when Yahoo Groups decided that list serves are simply not profitable and dropped the service.

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6th Street Bridge Green Zone

If you share with me the view/longing in your heart to see our Comox Valley community be about more than Big Box Stores, Big Box Consumerism and a lengthy strip mall that has no more community to it than every other strip mall in North America, then you will find this Youtube video most interesting

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Jacob Marley and the Virus

This virus has come, like the ghost of Marley, to warn us that the path we are treading is a dead end: only suffering and destruction can come from our ravenous greed to consume everything and ignore the needs of all other peoples and species.

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When the Far Right is Far Wrong

I don’t know how you legislate or ensure basic truth and civility in public discourse but I do know that social media is failing us–big time–in its self-imposed inability to demand civility and some degree of credibility in how we talk with each other. Every newspaper, even the far right ones, has some kind of code about minimal truth and decency in public communication. Surely we can demand the same of social media!

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