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Grandpas/Millennials Respond to Black Press Trump—ee–ter

Black Press calls its weekly Tom Fletcher big money propaganda piece a neutral sounding “Viewpoint.” However, given Fletcher’s unrelenting, Fox News styled, rants from the radical right perspectives that Black Press tries to pass off as journalism, it would seem more appropriate to tag the column as “The Trump—ee–ter.”

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Finding hope in an updated “Lord of the Rings”

That we are living in difficult times is beyond question. Daily, human societies around the world are suffering the devastating consequences of our callous indifference to balances in the natural world while narrow minded greed-above-all-other-values thinking has elected a party in the most powerful nation on Earth that is determined to inflict the same destructive mentality on human societies as well. All the while, a mad man, elected by a farcical and corrupt electoral system, has gained access to the world’s largest, most deadly stockpile of nuclear, conventional and cyber weapons.

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Leadership for a better Canada/World

Of the five candidates running to replace Tom Mulcair as leader of the federal NDP leadership the one candidate that stands out—even from such an exceptional group of leaders–is Niki Ashton, MP Churchill—Keewatinook Aski. She is the only leadership candidate that had the gumption to spend time campaigning for the progressive Social Democrat running for President of the United States, because she—early on—recognized that only a candidate who could offer a clear alternative could beat Drumpf with all his malicious, socially and environmentally destructive policies—with its implications for Canada and our world.

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