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Sixth Street Bridge—Bringing People Together

As a back drop/inspiring vision about what building the proposed foot of Sixth Street pedestrian/cycling bridge across the Courtenay River might mean to our community, I was going to describe the immense coming together of community spirit that went into building the 50’x150’ community pavilion that is now the pride and centre of community life in the Village of Pemberton.

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Putting the Ball in the Air

I have received a bit of reader feedback on my last post, “The End”. All of the “input” was, in one way or the other, critical of the very thought of anyone saying that our cumulative impact on Earth’s climate has brought us to a tipping point beyond which we cannot turn back from the mechanisms rapidly pushing Earth toward a climate that will not be habitable to human beings.

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The End

All of our upbringing—well I should say all of my upbringing–has been underscored with this pervasive philosophy that one must always be optimistic and, above all else, hold-unflinchingly, onto hope. And perhaps on a sunny day I would feel different, but today—this rainy, dark day, hope seems so hard to hold.

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Oh, Canada! Hypocritical and Absurd. We Long for Your Better Days…

If I were asked to choose two words that most comprehensively describe Canada’s role in global politics these days they would have to be hypocrisy and absurdity. Take, for instance, the idea that Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to find an opportune time to announce that Canada will ban the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies from developing 5G networks in Canada because China might (some day) use some aspect of that to spy on Canadians.

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Love at the heart of politics?

You probably don’t know who Marianne Williamson is–she recently declared herself to be a contender for the US Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. She won’t win. In 2016 she ran as an independent for a seat in the House of Representatives and came in fourth of four in her California riding. Well maybe you do know something of her reputation as Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual adviser whose discussion of A Course in Miracles on Oprah’s TV show catapulted the book sales to millions overnight.

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