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Oh, Canada! Hypocritical and Absurd. We Long for Your Better Days…

If I were asked to choose two words that most comprehensively describe Canada’s role in global politics these days they would have to be hypocrisy and absurdity. Take, for instance, the idea that Prime Minister Trudeau is trying to find an opportune time to announce that Canada will ban the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei Technologies from developing 5G networks in Canada because China might (some day) use some aspect of that to spy on Canadians.

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Love at the heart of politics?

You probably don’t know who Marianne Williamson is–she recently declared herself to be a contender for the US Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. She won’t win. In 2016 she ran as an independent for a seat in the House of Representatives and came in fourth of four in her California riding. Well maybe you do know something of her reputation as Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual adviser whose discussion of A Course in Miracles on Oprah’s TV show catapulted the book sales to millions overnight.

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For Sustainability

Andrew Nikiforuk, one of the leading environmental thinkers/columnists in Canada who often speaks to environmental themes in the Comox Valley has recently posted an article on The Tyee titled, Against ‘Sustainability’ and Other Plastic Words, in which he argues that “The word sustainability, were it up to me, would be extinct, wiped out, kaput.”

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It’s About The Kids

You’d think that the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world would be a most compelling motivator, but the weak kneed response by governments more concerned with economic growth than collapsing civilizations left the conference with much unresolved and little reason to believe current governments will rise to the challenge of keeping our Earth from rising another devastating 1.5 C.

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