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Far Right Comes to Doorsteps all over the Comox Valley

I didn’t know where the paper came from. I even thought maybe it was targeted to my house. However, I soon learned that it was distributed over much of the Comox Valley –well one person told me it was being distributed to homes all over Canada and—likely—all over North America. I decided to do a little internet sleuthing.

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Creating a Sustainable Comox Valley–Together

What distresses me about Courtenay is the nearly complete ignorance of the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy (CVSS). This 2010 document was developed as a consensus by a large team of volunteers, by community vetting of all of its proposals, by councilors and staff from all the Comox Valley municipalities and the regional district, by a highly skilled team of professionals with expertise in planning for sustainable communities. No Comox Valley municipal direction document has ever been so visionary nor so widely vetted and agreed on.

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Green Politics 2020-When What You Are Doing Isn’t Working—Do Something Different

Though I have been critical of the Green Party in Canada under the centrist vision of Annamie Paul and the seeming inability of the BC Greens to see that a healthy province/world is more important than simply milking resentment in order to win a few seats in the BC legislature, I offer these criticisms only because I wish them great success in transforming our world into a more just, sustaining, AND sustainable place for us to live in and for our children to inherit.

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Rid’un The Rail—Bed Once More

While I can understand/sympathize with the hope that rail service might, one day, return to Vancouver Island, I find the whole Island Corridor Foundation fiasco to be just short of contemptible–using rights to the rail bed as collateral that could preempt other, more productive uses of the rail bed. I find it impossible to imagine a way that the dilapidated infrastructure could have been realistically reopened as a viable rail line. One short walk down the rail bed south of Courtenay would have revealed the extent to which the rail has become inoperable as a rail line.

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Report Card For Courtenay Council At Half Way Mark Is Out

If I were to grade Courtenay Council for its efforts over the past two years, I think they would get a C+ from me. It certainly has been commendable to have a council that is generally amiable among themselves and open to input from citizens ( something that definitely could not be said of the past council—esp. mayor).

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