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When “Losing Earth” is not an option

When I read Naomi Klein’s challenging and insightful book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate I was — despite the dire warnings about the very real possibility of climate collapse —encouraged to think that climate change presents such an immense challenge that dealing with it might force us to rethink the utility of trashing our Earth by wasting everything we can’t use up. Instead of blindly pursing the suicidal idea of infinite growth on a finite planet, perhaps the obvious and dire consequences of climate change will force us to reconsider the possibility of making peace with our planet and among its peoples.

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Winning Electoral Reform—more than just rational arguments

If you read the Comox Valley Record, you couldn’t have missed the big money, full page ads attacking the upcoming referendum on electoral reform. In this age of sophisticated, EXPENSIVE bots mining social media to find vulnerabilities in personal perceptions you can bet these ads represent the best hope of big money interests to foster any kind of resentment that might help poison the upcoming referendum.

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Reformulating vehicle/bike/pedestrian relations for a better Comox Valley transportation brew

!!…###___###…!!(words you don’t want to see in print and I would rather not admit to using)—but use them I did! The words just poured out like a Mount Polley sized tailings rupture of words I didn’t, actually, know were so instantly accessible to my vocabulary! If I had had time to think about it, I would have chosen my words more carefully. But, I didn’t have time to think. I had only a split second to get my bike stopped to avoid being run over by yet another vehicle whose driver seemed oblivious to the idea that roads—especially in commercial parking lots—are supposed to be shared with pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars and trucks.

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Beyond Petulance

What could possibly be more absurd than hordes of American people and their legislators spending a lot of anxious time worrying over whether Russian agents injected game changing, Trump promoting “fake news” along with highly persuasive algorithm-informed bot-ature into the American election?

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Salt marching to a better world

I went out for a walk today, New Year’s day—along the river, through Ruth Masters Greenway, along the powerline, by the river. Broken soft white clouds dotted the balmy blue sky. The warm sun reflected off a crunchy few centimeters of snow as white and fresh as the clouds. People smiled in passing and even the dogs seemed friendly. But I was brooding.

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