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MEC Is Dead

Mountain Equipment Coop(MEC) is dead—the remains are being sold to a Los Angeles-based private investment firm. The coop, which was at one time the heart of Canada’s outdoor equipment sales serving over 5.4 million members has been sold to Kingswood Capital Management without the slightest membership consultation

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Surveillance Capitalism

It is no accident that “No” side complaints about electoral reform in BC were almost unanimously posited as “It’s too complicated!” The problem wasn’t that anyone demonstrated that the electoral options on the ballot didn’t deliver on better/more representative governments. The argument never got that far. “It’s too complicated.”—and I am sure ,you– like me—heard it over and over: “It’s too complicated!”

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Voting For a Better Canada

Activists in BC fell prey to the misunderstanding that defeats activist initiatives everywhere– if it ever was true–that people vote based on rational evaluation of the issues. That naïve assumption is without a remaining breath in a world where ubiquitous social media generated, petty resentments have become the primary, overwhelming criteria for citizen evaluation of issues both small and gigantic.

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Mill(S)-ing For Corporate Pie In The Sky

I am utterly flummoxed over this recent Dave Mills Californication: B.C. renewable energy projects get screwed post on the Dogwood website. I find it almost impossible to correlate this sleight of hand doggerel with the Dave Mills and Dogwood organization that I respect/value so highly for its effectiveness in bringing people together to promote strong, healthy local communities and lobby for government accountability at all levels.

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Left, Right or Centre

Judging by the media hoopla surrounding the four lack luster candidates seeking to win the Conservative Party of Canada August 21 ballot to replace the not so much appreciated Andrew Scheer, you’d be justified in wondering how come there is so little attention to the GPC leadership election being held a little over a month later—and having some fascinating people and perspectives up for election.

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Better than Netflix

What warms my heart on this cold/windy/rainy day is a Leo Tolstoy story What Men Live By that I recently revisited from that assortment of already read, but might want to revisit books I call a bookcase. It was Wednesday, my respite, reading, ukuleleing, resting day off at the “beachhouse”—a small waterfront cabin that a most generous friend allows me to use for my weekly day of regeneration.

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