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Extracting The Oil From Democracy

This year’s annual World Community Film Fest(WCFF)–the twenty-eighth film fest in the Comox Valley—was, in my humble opinion, the most informative, enjoyable, entertaining, emotionally animating and intellectually disturbing film fest (or any event for that matter) I have attended in a very long time.

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Bitter Tears No More

I’m done crying. I’m done with feeding salty/bitter tears over our failed BC referendum on electoral reform. Many wonderful people gave almost bottomlessly to the hope that we might vote in an electoral system that would see the members of our legislature actually reflect the parties/people that we vote for.

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A Long Time Coming

It’s been a long time coming, but in 2019 Canadians who face the challenges of living with physical or mental impairment will, finally, see the enactment of federal legislation—Bill C-81:The Accessible Canada Act that will enshrine their right to participate in the rights and privileges that all the rest of us enjoy.

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The Times They Are A Changin’

Wow! This is the first time EVER that Courtenay has elected a “progressive” council. I was in the packed reception room in the Courtenay Museum when Bob Wells arrived from the vote count to triumphantly announce, “We all won!” He, of course was referring to the fact that he will be mayor of a council dominated by five progressive councilors: Will Cole-Hamilton, Melanie McCollum, David Frisch, Wendy Morin, and Doug Hillian. Courtenay elected a progressive council despite big, BIG pre-election advertising by the old boys’ network.

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Ah! October 17

Wednesday, October 17—the long awaited day that Marijuana became legal in Canada, I went looking for Ernie Yacub. If anyone in the Comox Valley would have a long list of reasons to be celebrating legal weed day in Canada, it had to be Ernie. For over twenty years, Ernie has been the Comox Valley’s most outstanding guiding force behind and voice for the legalization of marijuana.

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You Can Make a Difference

If you want to see a Courtenay Council that reflects the desires of city residents to have a beautiful, healthy, vibrant community that cares at least as much for ordinary citizens and a healthy valley as it does for the interests of big money, secretively funded “old boys” then you need to know this important fact about the upcoming municipal election: the Dogwood Initiative is NOT doing a pre election phone out to ensure progressive electors get out to vote.

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