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The Times They Are A Changin’

Wow! This is the first time EVER that Courtenay has elected a “progressive” council. I was in the packed reception room in the Courtenay Museum when Bob Wells arrived from the vote count to triumphantly announce, “We all won!” He, of course was referring to the fact that he will be mayor of a council dominated by five progressive councilors: Will Cole-Hamilton, Melanie McCollum, David Frisch, Wendy Morin, and Doug Hillian. Courtenay elected a progressive council despite big, BIG pre-election advertising by the old boys’ network.

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Ah! October 17

Wednesday, October 17—the long awaited day that Marijuana became legal in Canada, I went looking for Ernie Yacub. If anyone in the Comox Valley would have a long list of reasons to be celebrating legal weed day in Canada, it had to be Ernie. For over twenty years, Ernie has been the Comox Valley’s most outstanding guiding force behind and voice for the legalization of marijuana.

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You Can Make a Difference

If you want to see a Courtenay Council that reflects the desires of city residents to have a beautiful, healthy, vibrant community that cares at least as much for ordinary citizens and a healthy valley as it does for the interests of big money, secretively funded “old boys” then you need to know this important fact about the upcoming municipal election: the Dogwood Initiative is NOT doing a pre election phone out to ensure progressive electors get out to vote.

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Taxpayer Alliance barking up the wrong tree

I was having a difficult time understanding the intense asperity with which the Comox Valley Taxpayers Alliance (CVTA) is attacking most incumbent Courtenay councilors, until a friend suggested I look at all this election inspired bellicosity in terms of the psychological mechanism Carl Jung called “projection.” According to Jung: projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals unconsciously project characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves onto another person. Sometimes the projection can result in false accusations. For example, someone with adulterous feelings might honestly but falsely come to believe their partner is cheating on them. Can individual behavior mechanisms apply to group behavior as well?

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When “Losing Earth” is not an option

When I read Naomi Klein’s challenging and insightful book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate I was — despite the dire warnings about the very real possibility of climate collapse —encouraged to think that climate change presents such an immense challenge that dealing with it might force us to rethink the utility of trashing our Earth by wasting everything we can’t use up. Instead of blindly pursing the suicidal idea of infinite growth on a finite planet, perhaps the obvious and dire consequences of climate change will force us to reconsider the possibility of making peace with our planet and among its peoples.

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Winning Electoral Reform—more than just rational arguments

If you read the Comox Valley Record, you couldn’t have missed the big money, full page ads attacking the upcoming referendum on electoral reform. In this age of sophisticated, EXPENSIVE bots mining social media to find vulnerabilities in personal perceptions you can bet these ads represent the best hope of big money interests to foster any kind of resentment that might help poison the upcoming referendum.

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