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Organizing for a Just and Sustainable Canada

What if rather than wrangling over who/what party to support we come up with an easy/objective evaluator of who to support for a “Just and Sustainable Canada”? What if we make up a list and promote the list in big and small ways—road signs/hand outs due to cost of media advertising.

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Colour My World Orange

Today the gig is up. It is time to put away the pretenses and platitudes. It is time for settler governments, complicit in this hideous death and cover up of so many children, to capitulate—to meet all demands unquestioning; to come to a settlement that recognizes past horrors and points a way forward where we can finally put this grim past behind us and move forward with a meaningful and implemented justice for all.

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Participatory Journalism

So this week I want to expand the idea of participatory journalism by asking you, readers of this column, to share links to the websites/news media that you feel carries the most trustworthy, most insightful coverage of news/views from around the world—and especially in our own backyard/country. If you trust it and it fascinates/informs you, please share it.

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Saving Our Earth One Bi/Tricycle At A Time

What I didn’t realize when I wrote the previous post is that people are not only “willing to switch” but—I soon learned from enthusiastic email–those who have tried ebiking quickly become passionate promoters of this new environmentally sound transportation.

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