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New Systems Thinking For a Radically Changing World

Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s many of our large corporations have taken over from Earth the process of evolution. Some scientists call this new era the Anthropocene . But today many corporations are still attached to the mission statement created by Milton Friedman: “The purpose of corporations is to maximize share-holder profits”.

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Making Room for a New World

As the title implies we are facing quite a challenge. This chronicle begins by describing three worlds we are now living in. It then moves on to suggest how we might begin to create a new world. We must redefine our relationship with Earth, develop a new vision for the future, and create new systems. My focus here is on the first two parts: the relationship and the vision.

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John Lewis-In Memoriam

And in this New Year of 2021 may we get involved in lots of good trouble—standing up for what is right in a climate changing world. May we do it in a manner that releases all bitterness and leaves love and peace in its place.

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Family Christmas Stories

At this time of year my wife and I often attend Blue Christmas services to celebrate friends and family members who have died in the past year. But I don’t think there will be many live remembrances given the restrictions on gathering in place this month.

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Imagining a Different World

We have grown up confident that our scientific capabilities and technology will keep us safe. But it is very apparent that they are not keeping protecting us from certain things. In fact, some of the technologies that scientists have helped develop are at the root of our problems. We are in a situation that psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

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