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A New Global Culture for the Global Village

In this chronicle I’ll discuss my long interest in McLuhan and his ideas of the Global Village, the media and the economic consumer culture. I will then indicate how the Global Village can be revitalized to help us deal with the climate changing world that confronts us.

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The Pandemic, a Classroom for Climate Change

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis a number of articles have been written about the relationship between the pandemic and climate change. This is another one. In this chronicle I will show how our approach to the pandemic can teach us a great deal about what to do or not to do to prepare for climate change.

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A Feeling for the Organism

Every evening when I’m finished my writing I turn on the T.V. to watch the news. What I see is discouraging. I see men in different political parties fighting with one another. They remind me of two young brothers in a sand box out in the backyard.

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The Chrysalis Model: From Thinking to Acting

This pandemic is more than “a disturbance in the force.” It is the portal to a climate changing world. What we need to develop is a different kind of world that respects Mother Earth and benefits ourselves and the generations that will come after us.

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Harbinger Thinking

The word “harbinger” is an old English military term from the 16th century. When the members of the Royal Family wanted to travel somewhere, an officer called “The Harbinger” was charged with the responsibility to go out in advance and arrange for lodgings or shelters. Later on the word meant signs of future events, things like prophecies, heralds, predictions, and so forth

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On the Journey to a Climate Change Culture

In my last chronicle I laid out the need to develop a climate change culture. I noted that our current culture is, in effect, an economic culture and it is dominating Earth. Because it is ravaging Earth’s resources it is the major cause of our climate change crisis. We need a different kind of culture, one that will help us deal with this crisis on a long term basis. So how do we go about creating a climate change culture?

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