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Reframing for a Climate Change Culture

We all live in frames. They are the intellectual, psychic and emotional contexts within which we send and receive messages, establish and maintain relationships, see the world and give it meaning. In a word we don’t see the world the way it is; we see the world the way the way we are. And, we live in our stories about our world. When we work with people in different cultures and want to communicate with them we have to reframe. We have to try and understand their cultures and perspectives.

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Preparing for the Worst While Hoping for the Best

Today we are experiencing regular hurricanes coming across the Caribbean wreaking destruction on the Islands and Lower U.S; huge forest fires in Australia, the western United States and Canada; massive flooding in the farming areas of the Midwest; temperatures of 110 degrees scorching Paris, Berlin and most of Western Europe.
And all the while President Trump is removing as many protective environmental laws as he can get his hands on. It is not a pretty picture.

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Converting the Churches To a New Cosmology

The Christian Churches—and here I’m referring to the mainstream Christian Churches I’m familiar with—were leaders in a wide variety of social change issues: schools, hospitals and medical services, racial integration, development of labour unions, reform of prisons, opposition to wars and nuclear weapons, and so forth. But in terms of climate change they have been strangely silent.

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Climate Change Dreams and Visions

I don’t make a habit of quibbling with the Bible but, as one of the old people—I’m a few weeks away from my 81st birthday—I have both a vision and dreams. I’ll tell you about them. I might also do a bit of prophesying.

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2019-20 Climate Change Chronicle 2

Our community march was on Friday September 27, 2019. It was a march not a walk. The word “walk” suggests a leisurely affair, like a stroll in the park. A “march” has a military tone to it. It suggests that we are entering into a battle—and that is precisely what we are doing.
Many thousands of people in Canada participated in such a march. And a week earlier millions of people in the United States held similar marches.
I found it inspiring and encouraging that this world-wide action was initiated by a sixteen year old student, Greta Thunberg.

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A Presentation to the Canadian Association for Creative Schooling by Mike Bell, Principal, at the Comox Valley Green New Deal community high school June 29, 2024. –

We adopted the Green New Deal because unlike many other policy or program approaches it provided a broad new context. All the programs and services included in the GND had to be consistent with efforts to deal with a climate changing world.

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