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Imagining a Different World

We have grown up confident that our scientific capabilities and technology will keep us safe. But it is very apparent that they are not keeping protecting us from certain things. In fact, some of the technologies that scientists have helped develop are at the root of our problems. We are in a situation that psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

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Shamanic Thinking in a Changing World

The old thinking, where all things and people are considered as commodities, must be replaced. More than a hundred economists have recently published a paper noting that the carbon economy we developed (supported by our political and legal systems) is the major cause of our climate change problems.

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Man’s Search for Meaning

On August 4, 2020 a hundred of the world’s leading economists published a dramatic document entitled “Letter from economists: to rebuild our world we must end the Carbon Economy”. In relatively few words it describes the world in which we live, the problems we are facing and the steps we must take to turn things around.

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Cultural Racism in a Changing World

Culture is based upon the way we see the world and give it meaning. Since time immemorial humans have based their culture on their understanding of the world in which they exist. This was and is still the key to our survival. When the world changes, people and their cultures must change. Today, we are experiencing four major changes to which we must adapt.

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A New Global Culture for the Global Village

In this chronicle I’ll discuss my long interest in McLuhan and his ideas of the Global Village, the media and the economic consumer culture. I will then indicate how the Global Village can be revitalized to help us deal with the climate changing world that confronts us.

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The Pandemic, a Classroom for Climate Change

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis a number of articles have been written about the relationship between the pandemic and climate change. This is another one. In this chronicle I will show how our approach to the pandemic can teach us a great deal about what to do or not to do to prepare for climate change.

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