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More Profit – No Compassion

A new set of data came out last week from Canadians for Tax Fairness. The number of billionaires in Canada has doubled between 2010 and 2019. The top 1 % now control up to 26 % of Canada’s economy, while the poorest 50% have seen their share drop to 4.7%. In spite of these numbers, the top 1 % continue to balk and complain about taxes being too high and threaten to take their wealth off-shore where there are more lenient tax laws. Our governments continue to allow this to happen claiming that letting billionaires keep their money is good for the economy because of the trickledown effect. But there is no trickle-down effect.

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Compassion in Action

So much energy, so much blessed energy,
propels the young to excel at something,
a place to call home, a cause to celebrate,
a purpose to explore, meaning to be felt,
feelings to be understood and enlivened
with the passion of a race in time.

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Compassion for the Elderly

The implication to me is that as a society we are missing a great opportunity to access the combined intelligence and compassion from our senior population. We can take a lesson from our indigenous communities who consider the role of the elder as a sacred time. We can include seniors in the decision making process as guides on the side. We can put them in positions to instruct and lead through the powers of compassion and wisdom. When it comes for care of the elderly, we can give them all an opportunity to continue to find meaning and purpose in day to day living. We can scientifically go about giving them opportunities to grow and keep their memories intact through appropriate exercise and a well-rounded diet. In other words we treat them as valued human beings.

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Poetry with Purpose – Compassion

Compassion separates us from the animal kingdom and even from the parameters of normal human functioning. We are not compassionate to gain approval from others or even to satisfy the needs of our ego. It is not a feel good activity in the sense that we experience pleasure when we are sharing our resources with those who have less. It is not about casting out the feelings of guilt when we have more than we need and others are barely surviving. It is not even feeling better when we get rid of the feelings of feeling guilty. If we have abundance, we simply have abundance. It is what it is. Whether we share our abundance or not is not really compassion in and of itself. Compassion is not part of the process of balance that is needed for a healthy mind; although in true compassion, the mind does comes along for the ride.

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Poetry with Purpose – Compassion in Politics

So where is the compassion? Politics is supposed to be by the people for the people. Laws are supposed to be enacted to guide the government to make life better for all citizens not just the middle and upper classes. The purpose is to create a society where all citizens have equal opportunity to share in the resources of the nation. The ruling party is to rule with compassion and guide towards those aims. The role of the opposition is to observe what the ruling party is doing and to provide a system of checks and balances while proposing an alternate and sometimes better way of achieving those aims.

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Compassion for those in Long Term Care

CBC Marketplace discovered that a shocking 85% of Ontario nursing homes repeatedly broke the Long-Term Care Homes Act (LTCHA) with practically no consequences. They found over 30,000 violations between 2015 and 2019. Some of the most serious offences included physical abuse, inadequate infection control, unsafe medication storage, inadequate hydration, and poor skin and wound care. In addition to abuse, there was just plain neglect which included failure to provide baths, not changing diapers for hours, and instances where the client is left in bed all day lying on their back on an open bedsore. In one case, a video showed several different employees yanking on the client’s arms, swatting her hands, rubbing spilled food in her face, or yelling at her as she lay in bed. It would appear that non-compliance with the law has become the norm within Ontario care homes.

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