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Borderline Personality Disorder

I will always live with some of the symptoms that I have described in my book In Search of the Lost Self – Surviving and Thriving with Borderline Personality Disorder. However, I have not only learned to manage them but I now realize that I have actually grown into a better person because of them. I am now living the life I truly love living. In this book, I want to let you know what living with BPD is like and perhaps give you a few hints on how to manage it, to thrive in spite of it, and perhaps even find meaning and purpose because of it.

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Mental Health – the Homeless

We can’t leave it up to volunteer community services. Soup kitchens and drop in centers are wonderful and I admire the people who are providing these services but it is not enough. We cannot leave it up to charity to take care of the needs of these unfortunate people. A government operated clinical health service needs to be located near the site with immediate access to counselling, medical services, adequate housing, and food and other essentials.

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The Opioid Pandemic

. As of the first of June, there have been 15,393 opioid deaths in Canada since the beginning of 2016. Canada has set aside 300 million dollars as an emergency treatment fund. But is it enough? Most of this will go to the hospitals and health service providers. Considering that there were 21,000 emergency responses for 2019 alone, this money will not stretch very far and very little of it will go to the cause of the problem.

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Poetry with Purpose

Love is the appreciation of the gift of life that I can celebrate when I look at the unique characteristics of other human beings. I do not expect everyone to be and act like me; in fact, I celebrate the differences. I see people as part of a culture and I celebrate the special qualities that people from that culture possess and share. But I also see the individual within that culture and celebrate her or his unique talents and gifts, his or her individuality

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