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Poetry with Purpose – Back to Sanity

In his book, Back to Sanity, Steve Taylor focuses on cognitive discord that he refers to as mind chatter. According to Taylor, human minds have two focuses – the inside and the outside. When our mind is focused on an outside task or activity we have what he calls positive mind flow. Our energy is focused and we experience a feeling of mental well-being. When our minds are disengaged, mind chatter begins. For the most part it involves absorption in negative thoughts and negative energy patterns that drain our mental energy and cause anxiety and frustration.

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Poetry with Purpose – Human Infrastructure

It seems like a lot, but we could do more. We are doing an excellent joy in improving the traditional infrastructure but more needs to be done in human infrastructure. The main asset we have is our workforce, especially our youth, who will have the job of cleaning up the mess our generation has left behind. If we concentrate our efforts on this valuable human resource, we can reduce poverty, the damage caused by substance abuse, and the personal and monetary costs of our overworked police, justice systems, and incarceration facilities. We can eventually reduce the demand on social services. In the process we can create and improve well-paying jobs that can ultimately benefit the economy as a whole and in the process increase our GDP

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Poetry With Purpose – Celebrating the Comox Valley

Those of us who have called the Sound home have come to enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest, the majesty of the mountains that are just a few kilometers away, and of course the ever-present sea. Some of us find spiritual sanctuary here believing it is a vortex of creative thought and spiritual growth. The Sound is home to the arts: drama, music, fine arts, crafts, as well as published writers on both Denman Island and Vancouver Island. Baynes Sound has been the perfect place for me to spend my retirement. I live here in harmony with my Self, ever mindful of and grateful for the healing power of nature.

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