Left, Right or Centre

Judging by the media hoopla surrounding the four lack luster candidates seeking to win the Conservative Party of Canada August 21 ballot to replace the not so much appreciated Andrew Scheer, you’d be justified in wondering how come there is so little attention to the GPC leadership election being held a little over a month later—and having some fascinating people and perspectives up for election.

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CVRD Awarded Poverty Reduction Strategy Grant

“The strategy will help identify key actions that local government and community partners can take to reduce local poverty, coordinate actions with senior level government, and ensure a more inclusive community for all residents,” explains Alana Mullaly, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Regional Growth Strategy Planning.

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CVCF Announces Third Round of COVID-19 Grants

CVCF’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants, initially launched in March, are intended to
offer resources for the community where they are needed most, with a focus on access to
food, shelter, supplies and care for our community’s most vulnerable.

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Time of Things Reopens Saturday at CVAG

“We are so pleased to welcome visitors back to the Gallery and provide people with a chance to see this powerful exhibition in person,” said CVAG co-curator Denise Lawson.

The Time of Things: The Continuum of Indigenous Customary Practice into Contemporary Art is guest curated by visual artist, researcher and curator France Trépanier. It features work by artists Daphne Boyer, Maureen Gruben, Susan Pavel, Skeena Reece and Maika Echachis Swan.

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Summer Pop Up Plant Sale for the Forest!

We’re going to host a Summer POP UP plant sale at 3300 Union Road in Cumberland on Saturday July 11th from 10-2 with 100% proceeds to the CCFS in support of land protection, restoration and conservation education projects in and around the Village of Cumberland.

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The human mind has to believe in something, but we can choose what we believe, and that makes all the difference. The mind is made up of a complex system of neural bundles that connect processing centers to our prefrontal cortex which together make our mind states or beliefs. These mind states are made up of past images, memories, thoughts, and emotions. Whenever the mind is confronted with a new situation, it checks these mind states and acts according to these beliefs. Beliefs then influence our thoughts, and these thoughts produce our actions.

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