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New Year’s Resolutions Anyone?

When I went through my DreamBuilder training, I found out why I had failed so many times in the past: I had tried to approach my dreams with willpower – which requires a lot of energy. Since energy fluctuates through the day, I often didn’t have enough left over to use for my dream. I had ‘decision fatigue’.

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A Cornucopia Of Gifts For Me

I can say that this has been a most unusual but successful year. However, if sometimes my wishes don’t get fulfilled, it’s for inner growth. I follow the adage: if it works out, it’s Life’s direction; if it doesn’t, it’s Life’s protection. To this effect I wish all my readers a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Seeing The Event Through A New Immigrant’s Eyes

In October of 1977 I set foot on Canadian soil as a landed immigrant. I had left my native Bavaria to start a new life with my husband who was from Victoria. Since I had studied English at university I communicated with ease. What I was unaware of, though, were the cultural differences which would often throw me for a loop because I was still too entrenched in my own old-world values and ways of thinking. For some immigrants this experience can be quite challenging; it’s called ‘culture shock’.

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Of Forgeries, Written Threats, and Poison Pen Letters

Questioned Documents Examination requires a keen eye for details and differences where letter formations, spacing, slant, pressure, size, baselines, and idiosyncratic aspects are concerned. The latter are often a sure giveaway that the writing has been penned by the same author – or not. In order to come to a conclusion, samples for comparison are needed.

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The Writing is on the Wall

Few people know that handwriting is more than a means of communication. It’s actually a graphic picture of processes going on in the brain. You may have noticed how your writing has changed over the years or how it looked different when you were going through a challenging time.

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The Soul Is Calling

These times of isolation are giving us an opportunity to listen to parts of our being which are often ignored because our minds run the show. When there isn’t any distraction, our hearts start to whisper and tell us about our dreams and goals which we would still like to experience. These whispers can become persistent and create either motivation or regrets.

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