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Climbing the Author Ladder

I was beside myself with joy and gratitude because this was yet another example of how the Law of Attraction comes through when you know how to work it. In my case I simply invite the unexpected and then welcome it with open arms. I’m usually very selective about what I invite – because that’s what I manifest. What we focus our energy on often shows up in our lives, positive or negative. So watch your thoughts!

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Empower Yourself

I would like to say that as a transformational coach I meet many people who feel lost and are overwhelmed by the things that aren’t working in their lives. My advice to them is the same as Anita’s: love and appreciate yourself unreservedly. Count your gifts and your blessings. It may be hard at first but if you persist, you may see positive changes in your health and your environment.

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Living Authentically

Showing up as authentic requires courage and a willingness to make oneself vulnerable. It means letting our real selves be seen, almost like taking our psychological clothes off in public. People who practice authenticity create huge benefits for themselves and build more profound connections with others.

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Creating Future Memories

One of my favourite changemakers is Dr. Joe Dispenza because his life’s purpose is to empower people to use their innate energies to heal themselves. He proposes that when the body can create an illness, it can also heal it. His results and testimonials are astounding and very encouraging. People who use his information or attend his workshops all over the world frequently heal themselves of the most frightening illnesses.

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