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Raising A Toast To Our Health And Beyond It

With all stresses (cost of living, housing issues, employment sector changing with algorithms and A.I. just to name a few) increasing exponentially the pressures on this next generation, plus the older, retired one, dealing with issues of loneliness or being a caregiver for a parent or spouse, there is no shortage of scenarios to cross the line from social drinking to needing a drink.

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Addicted To Our Thoughts

As we begin our four part series on the topic of addictions, we will start with a possible “Why” we have addictions in the first place. Without repetitive patterns of thought would we be prone to addictions? Technically, we are often addicted to the stories we tell ourselves.

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Addictions Are Us

As with most communities living a Western lifestyle, we in the Comox Valley are not immune to the multitude of distractions in our modern world. How we address these individual realities as a group will determine the health and happiness of every person in our community.

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Sing Your Song

Last week, I was asked this profound spiritual question, “Do you sing”? At first, I answered in the negative, because I perceived the query at face value. Later, the words fell deeper within me and the answer rose to the surface.

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Stop: The Gift of Time

​The ability to not feel guilty when taking time for ones self is becoming a rare practice. What was a given balance when we flowed with the cycles of Nature is now its complete opposite in the age of technology. Even worse is our compulsion as a society to stay “busy”. For what purpose, may I ask?

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