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Community On The Bus

Within a few days of my arrival in Comox, l began traveling on its buses. If you want to get to know the area and its residents, use public transit. Not only is it less than one sixth of the average monthly cost of a new vehicle, but it also offers its own unique opportunity to connect with our community.

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When Hell Freezes Over

The title of my column is both a reference to an actual event, which I experienced first-hand, and a common phrase used when we choose to stay firmly anchored in our point of view about an individual or group.
I was a local newspaper reporter when The Ice Storm of the Century of January 1998 hit the community I lived in with three consecutive days of freezing rain.

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Introducing Our New Chief Editor!

We are so excited to have Catherine Hedrich lead the editorial direction of Tide Change and build upon its community foundation of collaborative support. As a new resident of the Comox Valley, her outsider’s perspective will undoubtedly bring fresh and useful insights, while setting the stage for the development of a sustainable and interactive communication platform for our community enterprise, beginning with her new column, Community Conversations.

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