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I’m So Happy To Be Here Now

In these times we live in it is easy to fall into a pit of despair, of feeling overwhelmed. The goal of a society of equals living peaceably on a healthy planet seems to be drifting farther and farther out of our grasp. Thankfully there are those who see that it is not all doom and gloom. I have known George Lakey since 1998 when I took a ’Training for Change’ workshop from him in Sunshine Valley, east of Hope (it is true). He is one of my heroes, a person of heart, intelligence and vision and he has been in the struggle for over 70 years.

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Unions and Me Too

The Me Too movement has done tremendous work in a short time but, like a lot of movements, it has stood on the shoulders of those who came before. In most of the news stories and articles written about harassment in the workplace there is little acknowledgement of the hard practical work union women and their allies have done in their unions over the past 50 years. By ignoring that work we are also missing out on possible solutions to the problem.

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A Valley of Activists

The Comox Valley is known for many things but one aspect that attracted me to move here 18 years ago was its long record of activism. You merely have to take even a cursory look at all the different events, demonstrations, coalitions and campaigns and you can’t help being impressed by people’s commitment.

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Justice in Transition

The federal election has come and gone but the climate crisis continues on. Right wing politicians, closely allied with the fossil fuel industry, unhappy with the fact their boy Andrew Scheer is not the Prime Minister, are fanning the embers of Prairie resentment to build a separatist movement . This movement would include Alberta, Saskatchewan and in some permutations, Manitoba and parts of BC. It’s not really a separatist movement; it’s more of a pressure tactic to get Trudeau to kowtow even more to the goals of the Calgary Cabal of Climate Deniers and Greedy Oilmen. The Liberals buying a pipeline wasn’t enough for this group.

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Choices for October 21

Here we are again faced with the task of sorting through the issues and campaign materials and then choosing who will be our local Member of Parliament and subsequently who will govern Canada for the next four years. As with many things humans do, it is complicated, at times messy and depressing, but it is also our responsibility.

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The Life of a Shop Steward

Unions are good for society not only in their ability to protect worker’s rights and to attempt to ensure a fairer distribution of wealth but unions are also important for democracies.

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