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Sing Your Song

Last week, I was asked this profound spiritual question, “Do you sing”? At first, I answered in the negative, because I perceived the query at face value. Later, the words fell deeper within me and the answer rose to the surface.

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Stop: The Gift of Time

​The ability to not feel guilty when taking time for ones self is becoming a rare practice. What was a given balance when we flowed with the cycles of Nature is now its complete opposite in the age of technology. Even worse is our compulsion as a society to stay “busy”. For what purpose, may I ask?

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Approaching 2020: A New Vision

There is a sense, as we approach what I like to call the Year of Clarity, 2020, that all sectors of our way of life are about to change dramatically. This acceleration has been exponential and it began more than forty years ago. We are about to enter an age which requires that we transform our role as humans on this planet, because everything around us will be doing so as well.

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What is Truth?

This is the period of the year when many promises are made, but very few will be kept after the stroke of midnight on January 1st. It is the time when ghosts of Christmases past revisit us as we take stock of the last twelve months. The question is, “Can we learn to speak the truth to ourselves”?

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My Favourite Things in The Comox Valley

This is not an Oprah Favourite Things List, because everything I could list, like my favourite chocolates, shoes, coffee and more, would highlight some of the great shops and boutiques in the valley, but unfortunately not all of them. So, I will focus on my list of favourite things that do not need to be purchased and are a gift to all of us who call this valley home.

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How To Be Happy

In order to answer this enigma of what or who will make us happy and when this will be a permanent state of being, we must ultimately be in this world but not of this world. Before you discard this statement as something impractical and not realistic, let me assure you that there are now very concrete examples of why this is true.

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