Author: Richard Davis

Seeking the Truth

The belief-bias effect occurs when we accept only the evidence that conforms to our beliefs and reject or ignore any evidence that does not. Our beliefs are the mind states we create to deal with threats and fears.

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6th Street Bridge Green Zone

If you share with me the view/longing in your heart to see our Comox Valley community be about more than Big Box Stores, Big Box Consumerism and a lengthy strip mall that has no more community to it than every other strip mall in North America, then you will find this Youtube video most interesting

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Welcoming Communities Coalition

Our Community forums around Discrimination and Racism were great and we appreciate everyone that attended. As a follow-up to that and based on the feedback received, we are excited to announce that the Immigrant Welcome Centre and the Welcoming Communities Coalition will be hosting our annual joint (Campbell River and Comox Valley) virtual Collaboratory on Wednesday February 24th, 2021 from 2pm – 4:30pm via Zoom.

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Space Between Us

It is hard to remember that just one year ago our biggest challenge was all the snow. Little did we know that COVID-19 would have such a significant impact on our programming and operations.

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