Author: Pieter Vorster

What’s the Story About Alcohol: An Evening with Harold R. Johnson

The Community Drug Strategy Committee, the Comox Valley Community Health Network and the John Howard Society North Island are pleased to sponsor a presentation by Harold R. Johnson, author of “Firewater – How Alcohol is Killing My People (and Yours). Mr. Johnson is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation Band (Saskatchewan), a former Crown Prosecutor with the Ministry of Justice and a talented speaker and storyteller. He will challenge us to “change the story we tell ourselves about alcohol.” He will share his insights about alcohol, including its history, myths surrounding it and it’s impacts on our communities.

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CLIMATE CHANGE CHRONICLE 19: On Becoming Earthlings

Frequently in these chronicles I have referred to us humans as “earthlings.” In this chronicle I’d like to discuss the term “earthlings” in more detail.
(I know…the term “earthlings” may remind you of those 1940-50 horror movies where two-headed monsters from outer space roam through communities zapping people with their eyes and turning them into quivering mounds of flesh. But go with me on this one.)

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Be careful what you wish for when it comes to private auto insurance

Imagine a land where drivers pay 55 per cent more for auto insurance than other drivers in Canada, a land where an insurance company may not cover you because of the city you live in, a land where your automobile insurance premiums isn’t based on your driving record but your postal code.

It’s a land that allows British Columbians a peek into the future, if private auto insurance should come to pass in the province.

That land is Ontario.

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Gift Twice at Local Shops

There is something very special about the stores, shops and boutiques around the 4th, 5th and 6th Street of downtown Courtenay, as well as the ones on and around the main streets of Comox and Cumberland. Now is the season when we must all make our last-minute shopping choices. For many, the budgets may be a deciding factor. This year, I would like you to revisit this mindset and open your wallet and your heart to the unique qualities of the local shop owners and their staff.

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