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Comox Valley Poet Laureate – Poetry with Purpose

Lawrence J. W. Cooper is the poet laureate of the Comox Valley. He works in conjunction with the Comox Valley Arts Council. Lawrence has two main interests: promoting poetry and developing what he calls Poetry with Purpose. Before his retirement, he was an educational psychologist. He still teaches university entrance psychology courses on line which keeps him up to date on research and trends in psychology. As poet laureate, his goal is to explore the connection between poetry and mental wellness.

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Rawle James In The Dawg House (Podcast)

Rawle James is a man from Trinidad and Tabago who grew up in Brooklyn. He is an inspirational speaker and poet currently living in Kelowna. In this edition Andrew Davis and Jessica Lightburn talk racism, Black Lives Matter and humanity with him. It also turned out the date this was recorded (June 5) was his 60th birthday!

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Nōmina Wellness is breaking the Mental Health Mold with Engagement and Expertise

The Comox Valley has changed in many ways. Our local population has significantly grown in size, we’re grateful that our current local government officials continue to bridge old gaps (mind the Puntledge pun), and the need for adapting our housing initiatives is driven home by almost unbelievable stories of professionals sharing basement suites with NIC students while looking for homes. And they are the fortunate ones, as too many Comox Valley residents remain homeless while incredibly engaged and qualified people work full tilt full time to find solutions to our social justice dilemmas. It is our pleasure here at to introduce you to Nomina Wellness, the new mental health facility with an inclusive, enganged multi-tiered approach to integrating those on the fringes back into the society they long to be part of.

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Valley Schools Starts New School Year Strong

With an increase in student registration coupled with a new Strategic Priorities Plan, the school district is starting the 2019/20 school year off on a strong footing. The school district will see an increase in enrollment at the elementary and secondary level

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Victoria Cycle Tour for Africa

On Friday, September 6th, 35 women, aged between 56 and 75, will be cycling through the Comox Valley on a three-day, 275 kilometer, journey from Campbell River to Victoria. After months of training, these valiant women will be taking part in the 13th annual Victoria Grandmothers for Africa Cycle Tour, riding in solidarity with the tireless African “gogos” who are raising their grandchildren, orphaned in the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

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