Commissioning Getting Underway for Comox Valley Water Treatment Project

Construction of the new Comox Valley Water Treatment Project is nearing the finish line! On June 23 treated water will begin flowing from the new intake at Comox Lake through to taps around the Comox Valley.

As commissioning of the new system begins, residents may notice slight changes in taste and temperature of their drinking water. The new system will ramp up over several weeks and filtered water is expected to reach all homes connected to the Comox Valley Water System by mid to late-July. Commissioning will be complete with the new system fully operational by mid-August. 

 “We’re absolutely thrilled to be this close to the commissioning of such a critical project for the Comox Valley,” said Wendy Morin, Chair of the Comox Valley Water Committee. “A modern, sustainable drinking-water supply system is essential for our growing community. We’re thankful to everyone who has helped to get us here – from our CVRD staff and our contractor AECON, to our partners in water management the K’ómoks First Nation and key stakeholders like BC Hydro and the Courtenay Fish and Game Protective Association.”

“We are at our last major hurdle before achieving this critical goal of meeting all water regulation requirements. It’s an achievement made possible by the hard work of an extremely dedicated team,” said Russell Dyson, Chief Administrative Officer.

Upgrades to the trailhead on Lake Trail Road will also be completed in coming months, with the new gravel parking area, water station, and outhouse washroom available for public use later this summer. The grand opening of the entire Water Treatment Project, including the site and buildings will be celebrated this fall.

The new Comox Valley Water Treatment Plan will provide drinking water to approximately 45,000 residents in Courtenay, Comox and surrounding areas. It will eliminate the need for turbidity related boil water notices, remove the risk of viruses and bacteria and provide a secure supply of reliable, high quality drinking water for decades to come.

Stay informed with update videos as they’re posted to the CVRD’s social media channels, or by reading the latest project updates at

Jennifer Steel

Manager of Corporate Communications, Corporate Services Branch, Comox Valley Regional District

Starting September 7 helmets will be required for all public skates

Starting September 7 helmets will be required for all public skates

The Comox Valley Sports Centre beginning September 7, 2021 will require all patrons participating in a public skate to use a helmet. Helmets provide a protective layer for our thin skulls and are designed to create a surface area to absorb the force received during a fall.

UBCM awards $1 million grant towards Strengthening Community Services project in the Comox Valley

UBCM awards $1 million grant towards Strengthening Community Services project in the Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) in partnership with the City of Courtenay and the Coalition to End Homelessness has been awarded over one million dollars in grant funding towards projects dedicated to providing urgent and temporary support to unsheltered homeless populations and addressing related community impacts in the region. The funding is being administered by Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) on behalf of the Province and the Government of Canada’s Safe Restart program.

New Playground Opens in Fanny Bay

New Playground Opens in Fanny Bay

“In the rural areas of the Comox Valley, recreation amenities like this one ensure that residents can spend quality time with friends, neighbours, and family without having to travel a great distance.”

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