Join us for our first ever CCFS Science Pub ONLINE this Friday Night at 730 pm! Pour yourself a beer (or beverage of your choosing), kick back and get ready for a deep dive into facts and fancy about Beavers! This furry little engineer has a long history and their impacts on the landscape are visible all around the Village of Cumberland. From weird beaver art, to strange beaver rumours, to amazing beaver behavior – get ready for a fun filled evening of learning and laughter. *( there may be a bit of mature content.)

The CCFS Science Pub – Beaver Stories, Science, and Stewardship is a presentation of the Cumberland Community Forest Society as part of their ongoing work to build knowledge and stewardship culture in support of the forests, wetlands and watersheds surrounding our community.


We will draw door prizes from the registered list on Thursday May 27th and send you virtual gift certificates from Cumberland Brewing Company to help get you into the pub vibe.

Presenters include:

  • Lars Reese-Hansen: MSc. Sr. Watershed/Ecosystems Planning Biologist, Habitat Management Section, Ministry of FLNRO;
  • Lyndsay Fraser: Public educator and communications professional, co author of 100 Nature Hot Spots in British Columbia. Check out her Instagram account @f_ckinganimalkingdom to get a taste of how her mind works;
  • Adrian Nelson: GM of Humane Solutions Inc, a crack team of researchers, sustainability experts, framers, tech nerds, welders who support communities to achieve peaceful coexistence with beavers
To find out more about the work of the Cumberland Community Forest Society visit
Busy Beaver Digital Art by Jerry LoFaro


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