I love listening to motivational speakers who, like myself, are committed to empowering others. We are sharing our life skills to fill the holes which people keep falling into and remain stuck in.

Those speakers’ perspectives confirm that I’m on the right track – except it’s a lonely one. Having someone who runs parallel to me and shows me some simple steps to suddenly pick up speed, is a real blessing. Especially since I am a heart-centered person and often feel I’m not heard or understood. I can’t speak the lingo and jargon which is floating around in the social media. That language seems lifeless and impersonal.

So when I hear simple strategies, whether to new entrepreneurs, seasoned business people, or the population in general, I realize that I, too, need to be reminded of important steps because they are so easy to forget. Core values like:

  • Face your fears and work through them. They are like weeds; they keep coming back. Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen and then imagine the opposite! What you focus on you manifest.
  • Do the necessary actions and stop procrastinating – just do them! Commit to growth and embrace personal development!
  • Welcome making money and make an impact while you are getting rich! Sharing what you know best is very satisfying and can make a real difference is someone else’s life.
  • Educate yourself and others! Often introducing a few simple steps creates amazing results.
  • Time is of the essence because procrastination is harmful to your goals! Do what you can do today rather than tomorrow. In German there is a saying ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, but not today, that’s what all lazy people say!’
  • Use your brains and heart to interact with others, be it in business or private, because this is the approach most people understand.

In closing I would like to encourage you to introduce one of the above steps towards a goal you have and see what comes of it.

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Dorothea L. Gordon B.A. M.Ed.