A Great Book on Climate Change

May 5, 2021 | Mike Bell | 0 comments

This chronicle will mark the start of the fifth year in which my wife Arlene and I have been sending out these climate change chronicles. My topics have come from books on various subjects related to climate change. Not being a scientist I have been dependent upon authors able to translate the science into something I would understand.

I have searched, in particular, for writers with a broad understanding of the world-wide, international impacts of climate change.

I looked for someone who could communicate the science through stories that people could understand.

I hoped to find authors who could translate knowledge into action, particularly at the community level.

Finally I wished there were someone who saw the need for a vision similar to that of Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, a vision of “a mutually enhancing relationship between our species and Earth.”

Needless to say my requirements were demanding and perhaps unrealistic.  They remained unfulfilled until last week when a friend lent me a book entitled “The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis.”  It was written by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac who were among the architects of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change

Then I looked at the end of the book.  The authors thanked almost two-hundred people for the help they had given, many of whom we either knew or had heard about. I was particularly attracted by a strong recommendation from one particular person on the flyleaf.

Yuval Noah Harari says:

“This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.  It takes a hard look at the frightening realities of climate change but concludes that humans can still deal with this threat. Moreover the book presents the existential challenge as a unique opportunity to build a more just world and to make ourselves better people.  Most important, the authors adopt a very practical approach, and suggest ten concrete actions that each of us can take in order to create a better future for all the residents of Planet Earth.  I hope we all take this message to heart.”

Here are the ten concrete actions the authors recommend and expand upon.

  1. Let go of the old world.
  2. Face your grief but hold a vision of the future.
  3. Defend the truth.
  4. See yourself as a citizen–not a consumer.
  5. Move beyond fossil fuels
  6. Reforest the Earth.
  7. Invest in a clean economy.
  8. Use technology responsibly.
  9. Build gender equality.
  10. Engage in politics.

It is a small book, barely one hundred and seventy pages.  My advice is to get the book and read it.  It is a real guidebook for dealing with climate change.

Mike and Arlene Bell

Mike Bell

Comox Valley Climate Change Network

Toward a Climate Change Culture

Toward a Climate Change Culture

Our job is to read the simplified versions that appear in magazines, newspapers and social media. We then have to learn how to translate the information into action. It is a trial and error learning process. Our communities must become learning communities.

Why we need an Earth Jurisprudence

Why we need an Earth Jurisprudence

“We are told today that Inuit never had laws or maligait (“things that have to be followed”). Why? Because they are not written on paper. When I think of paper I think you can tear it up and the laws are gone. The maligait of the Inuit are not on paper. They are inside peoples’ heads and they will not disappear or be torn to pieces. Even if a person dies, the maligait will not disappear. It is part of a person. It is what makes a person strong.”

New Systems Thinking  For a Radically Changing World

New Systems Thinking For a Radically Changing World

Since the Industrial Revolution in the late 1700s many of our large corporations have taken over from Earth the process of evolution. Some scientists call this new era the Anthropocene . But today many corporations are still attached to the mission statement created by Milton Friedman: “The purpose of corporations is to maximize share-holder profits”.

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