United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island is once again launching their Period Promise
campaign to reduce period poverty and help those who menstruate get access to the product
they need.

Periods are a fact of life. But if you’re living in poverty – or vulnerable in other ways – access to
menstrual products can be challenging and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse.

“We know that our neighbours are making tough decisions, like whether to buy period products
or food. Periods don’t stop for pandemics, and COVID-19 has made affording menstrual
products more difficult for thousands of Vancouver Islanders,” said Signy Madden, Executive
Director, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island. “We are grateful for our committed
donors and supporters who are stepping up to join us by donating and advocating for access to
period products for every person who needs them.”

Earlier this year United Way’s Period Promise Research project released its final research
report. More than 1600 people across the province responded to a public survey where they
shared how period poverty impacts their life and access to community. Hundreds provided
testimonies that speak to the importance of increasing access to free menstrual products.

“I was homeless as a teenager and later, I was a low-income single mother. I remember doing
everything I could to make my supplies stretch- when I was homeless I would often steal
tampons after trying to find some for free. When I was a young, poor single mother, every
penny spent was towards my daughter- I would bus for hours to try to find free menstrual
supplies. I would use old rags. I would wear a tampon for way, way longer than I should’ve. It
was food for my baby or tampons, so I chose food for my baby.” – Period Promise Research

United Way’s Period Promise campaign runs from May 6th to June 3rd, 2021. To help end period
poverty in your community donate now or host your own collection campaign. Visit
uwcnvi.ca/periodpromise for details.

Nicole Benson

Director of Communications, United Way Central & Northern Vancouver Island

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