Valley students’ artwork is on display in a unique virtual exhibit for the
second year in a row in the Capture Photography Festival, an integral part of the Flash Forward
Incubator Program.

This year the theme is Still Life and examines the impact of the thematic statement, as well as
considers how literal and conceptual interpretations of still life may affect us personally
including our behaviours, values and sense of self.

The public art exhibition is also featured at the Roundhouse in Vancouver from 15 April to 15

Following the exhibit, the featured artwork will be entered into an online auction beginning
between 19 and 25 April. To view the select photography artwork, visit All the proceeds raised during the online auction is
returned to the students’ respective school art departments.

For four years, school district secondary students have successfully showcased some of their
extraordinary photography at the elite arts festival for emerging young artists, last year offered in
the first virtual format of this kind.

Sponsored by the Magenta Foundation, the program is devoted to nurturing budding young
Canadian youth with photography mentorship opportunities to develop and fuel their passion for
photography. In addition, the Magenta provides a platform for youth to express their artistic
voices publicly at exhibitions, in print, and online publications.

G.P. Vanier Fine Arts students featured in the exhibit include Kenisha Anderson; Danielle
Egilson; Chloe Hatch; Emilie van Holderbeke; Desi de Koninck; Abby Lundquist; and Ron
Seitz. Highland Secondary students include Stella Lee and Chantal Morfitt.

Mary Lee

Manager of Communications, Comox Valley Schools (School District 71)