In her book #DyingToBeMe Anita Moorjani describes how she had been given up by the medical profession and how her cancer had been declared incurable. As she lay in her hospital bed, she had a Near Death Experience (NDE) where her soul left her body and went over to the spirit world. There she met her father and other beings who had already crossed over. She experienced herself as pure love energy, a state that she did not want to leave. But she was told that it wasn’t her time yet and that she had to go back into the physical world where she would get many chances to speak about her experience. She’s now known al over the world.

Anita’s story reminds me of the people I worked with when they were in a state of past life regression. They were all describing the same things when we asked them where they were during the time before they reincarnated into the present body. They were in a place of peace, surrounded by loving beings where there was no need for language, everybody communicated telepathically. The emphasis was always on the incredible depth of love for themselves and others.

The message Anita has brought from the other side is quite clear and urgent – that we need to love ourselves because our lives literally depend on it. The more elevated emotions we cultivate the better our chances for health and longevity. Our focus needs to be on gratitude, appreciation, joy, harmony, and so on.

We are so used to looking to the outside world to give us what we want. But love and bliss and joy come from the inside and are under our own control, whereas the outside world is not. That’s why many people are so frustrated, the world isn’t giving them what they think they deserve.

In closing I would like to say that as a transformational coach I meet many people who feel lost and are overwhelmed by the things that aren’t working in their lives. My advice to them is the same as Anita’s: love and appreciate yourself unreservedly. Count your gifts and your blessings. It may be hard at first but if you persist, you may see positive changes in your health and your environment.

Dorothea L. Gordon B.A. M.Ed.