I hope this message finds you safe and enjoying the beginning of spring. The Coalition has been busy with concluding our 2020 fiscal year activities and local projects that support newcomer’s integration.

On February 24th, 2021 we held our first ever virtual Collaboratory event, bringing our North Island communities together around the theme Beyond Inclusion: Focusing on Equity/Equality and Leveling the Playing Field for Everyone to Thrive. Dr. Moussa Magassa, UVic human rights educator, provided expertise and resources on anti-racism. We also heard from two newcomers who shared their immigration stories, highlighting their struggles and sharing the ways that our communities supported them. There was also a brainstorming session where we had ideas around levelling the playing field in our own areas of influence and in our communities. Some of those ideas will inform our priorities in the coming year and beyond.

It was brought to our attention that we did not include Anti-Semitism as part of the examples we used during the presentations. Our intention is never to exclude anyone as our goal is to ensure inclusion. All are welcome here.
Our Needs Assessment Research is done and we appreciate everyone who has contributed into making it a success. The final report will be available in April, 2021.
Collaboration is key to establishing Welcoming Communities. We appreciate you all for your contributions into making our projects successful. We look forward to even more collaborations in the coming year.
Toyin Kareem PhD

Coalition Coordinator, Welcoming Communities