The Pandemic Diaries is comprised of two original one act plays, Long Story Short, a comedy, and Quaranteened a drama, presented by Courtenay Little Theatre over Easter weekend, April 2-5, 2021.

 Long Story Short:

 Long Story Short is an offbeat comedy  about how two friends involved in community theatre survive and thrive through the pandemic together.

 Directed by Catherine Hannon, starring Jon Faris and TJ MacPherson, with original music by Eric Macdonald, Long Story Short was created and rehearsed entirely over Zoom.

      “An enjoyable, quirky,  Zoom walk through the lives of two actors  as they try to cope with the world according to covid restrictions.” V.M.

      “Funny, poignant, a tale of friendship and support.” K.H.

       “Local references made it very enjoyable and wonderful.” A.K.


 Four teenage girls, two weeks of Spring Break, one English assignment and a pandemic; what could possibly go wrong?

 Quaranteened  is a drama that explores how each young woman comes to acknowledge her personal issues and ultimately accepts the others and herself.

 Directed by Brian Mather, Quaranteened was created by Sarah Dolman, Gillian Hegg, Adelie Simson, and Rebecca Winkelaar, with Allyson Leet acting as a creative consultant and character coach. The group explored ideas and  improvised situations over five months, building the world of the play word by word, line by line, and scene by scene.

       “Quaranteened walked a unique line between reality and fiction, as what we        

       experienced in real-time as actors closely resembled what our characters

       dealt with.” – Rebecca

      “The process of creating this show not only helped me grow as an actor, it

      also opened my eyes to the humanity behind this COVID-19 crisis.” – Sarah

      “ A story about how even through the scariest times you can find friendship in the

       most unlikely people.” – Adelie

Shari Jakubiec

Courtenay Little Theatre