Going after what you’d love – at any age


Three years ago, I decided to put together a vision of the kind of life I would love to lead. Nothing fancy but comfortable and with a focus on being of service to others.

My vision was to create a scenario in which I could thrive. I would focus on projects that would make me jump out of bed in the morning and give me a sense of purpose – which is one way of creating longevity.

Since I was and will always be an educator I wanted to stay in that field. I was going to help others become more conscious of what their forte was and how they could apply their core values, passions, talents, skills, gifts, and qualities to their benefit.

I wondered how I could reach my target niche, namely motivated adults. I offered workshops but not many people showed up. Then I approached the ElderCollege in Parksville to teach a course about dream building there. I had 20 students and we all had a fabulous time designing our dreams. A few month later I met one of the students again and she proudly told me that the dream she had designed in my class had already come true.

What my mature students taught me was that people have dreams at all ages. My teenage students at school were full of them. How I would love to have the opportunity to coach them, now that I’m not on staff anymore. Maybe I’ll make this into another dream…

So often it happens that our dreams go underground because we get talked out of them by others, ourselves, or don’t know what to do. We believe that the onus is on us to perform and when we fail, we let go. What needs to happen is that we allow the Universe, Life, Infinite Intelligence, to set the stage and move the players around so things can flow in our direction. We also need to be very clear about what exactly it is we would love to have, do, be, become, share, and so on.

I’ve seen it time and again in my own life. When I want to be in charge and call the shots, I often miss. When I hand my dream over to Life, chances are much greater I get what I’d love – if it’s for my highest good. Many times, I realized after a ‘failure’ that it would have been a disaster if that dream had come true.

In conclusion I can say that I am very grateful that many of the dreams I designed three years ago have miraculously come true, mind you, not in the way I had expected them but in a roundabout way. My book is quite successful, my online courses are going well, my personal (Zoom) trainer praises my strength and stamina, and there are a number of likeminded friends showing up who are also keen on leading folks towards greater self-empowerment. When we embrace and cherish who we are, we’ve taken the first step toward a life of inner balance and harmony. That’s what our planet needs most of all.

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Dorothea L. Gordon B.A. M.Ed.