With Courtenay Council now actively considering alternatives for a 6th Street pedestrian/cycling bridge now is the time to let council know that you want to see the 6th Street bridge anchor and whole new concept about the heart and soul of our community.

As I have pointed out in previous posts to TideChange.ca, 6th Street Bridge is an opportunity to build much more than just a bridge. It is an opportunity to invigorate and redefine what our community is about through tying the new bridge to efforts to create an exciting new Green Zone of Earth friendly/community building enterprise.  A place-making that includes fun, Earth-friendly, fair trade goods and services, intriguing kiosks featuring a mix of green business/community groups and artists. Summer evenings the new Green Zone plaza could feature street theatre.

Instead of rotting away in place the old dance hall that the city of Courtenay now owns could be a pavilion of artists-in-residence and innovative Earth friendly business.

As part of the Green Zone commitment to a sustainable community car parking would be limited to the Sims Park and other out of the downtown with six person climate friendly,  electric shuttle busses bringing pedestrians into the Green Zone.

Designated Courtenay Green Zone extended to include surrounding business featuring sustainability orientated goods and services  with signage and literature with map and Green Zone promotions

Courtenay Green Zone will vitalize our downtown and will help us build a community that we will all be proud and delighted to be a part of.

A People, Planet and Pedestrian centred Courtenay would:

  • be a win – win for everyone in the Comox Valley.
  • be very good for the valley’s economy and especially downtown businesses.
  • be great for artists of all sorts.
  • be tremendous for residents of the valley want to continue to have a community with a sense of locality, heritage, culture and belonging.
  • be a real boost for those who want to preserve the environmental quality of our valley.
  • generate jobs, and business opportunity–real-additional jobs and profitable business as no other option available
  • an opportunity to bring the residents of the valley together in a way that has not happened in the past
  • It would be FUN!

The places where we live will be as fulfilling and abundant as we decide. Though much appears out of balance on our path to resilience, we actually have all that we need to transform the conditions of our lives, to repair, rebalance, and restore the our neighborhoods, towns and cities where we live

–Mark Lakeman

Norm Reynolds