If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Every year folks promise themselves that this is the year where they will make their dreams come true, follow their vision, and become serious about their goals. A few weeks or months later, nothing has changed. I speak from experience!

When I went through my DreamBuilder training, I found out why I had failed so many times in the past: I had tried to approach my dreams with willpower – which requires a lot of energy. Since energy fluctuates through the day, I often didn’t have enough left over to use for my dream. I had ‘decision fatigue’.

I also didn’t know that there are important questions to ask before tackling a dream such as – why is this goal so important to me? If I achieved it, what difference would it make in my life? Who can help me with the steps I have to take? Am I worthy of this dream? Do I have a clear picture of the end result?

When I decided to write my book When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the Hidden Gifts, I asked all these questions – which uplifted my motivation and my outlook considerably. I determined the Why: to use my challenging life events to inspire others to get in touch with their own power. The difference in my life would be the knowledge that I am contributing to the education and wellbeing of my readers. I found out that I already had all the people in my life who could help me with the technical aspects of publishing. Yes, I was worthy of the attention of the public who was looking for the kind of information I was providing. And lastly – I saw a title page in large letters with a plum coloured background inviting people to peruse the content. I had also made an effort to turn the book into an adventure story and to write it in an easy to understand style. I didn’t want it to sound like a self-help book.

In closing I would like to say that in my experience the Universe supports those who have a clear picture of what they want to achieve and feel passionate about it. It favours projects which are beneficial not only to ourselves but to others as well. Eckhart Tolle says it best: “When a course of action is in alignment with what the Universe wants, it will be empowered.” I have three major goals for this new year which all fall into the above category. If they are for my highest good, I will achieve them.

Happy New Year to you all!

Dorothea L. Gordon B.A. M.Ed.