The world turned upside down – and I turned with it.


As a DreamBilder coach I always tell my clients to imagine what it feels like to have achieved a goal – even before the result shows up. Seeing a desirable vision in the mind’s eye isn’t enough, how we feel about it makes the difference. It puts us on a frequency which attracts what we need in order to manifest our dream.

I had three dreams for this year: to have a healthy grandchild; to write a book which would contribute to people’s inner awakening and empowerment; and to be of service as an energy practitioner for humans as well as animals. All three wishes have come true.

My grandchild is the greatest gift. I have wrapped her into a blanket of gratitude and feel deep love whenever I think of her. She’s 11 months old today and such a source of joy – even though I can’t see her very often except on FaceTime.

Working on people and animals produced excellent outcomes and I will focus more on that next year when the social distancing restriction will be reduced. I will also continue working with a personal trainer via Zoom to ensure my own good health.

I refuse to see Covid as a threat to myself. I follow the guidelines but have become very selective regarding the sensational news. My focus on feeling well allowed me to write my book and make it an enjoyable experience. But having to learn new computer skills put me on a learning curve that tied my brain into knots. It turned out, however, that I had all the people around me who could help me move forward with ease. That’s the beauty of working with higher vibrations such as gratitude, joy, love, compassion. They attract tangible benefits into our lives because they reflect back to us what we put into our environment.

There was also the gift of free time! All the courses and presentation I was supposed to give this year, all the choir practices, performances, painting classes, and so on, were cancelled. There were no interruptions and I immersed myself in feelings of being of service in a different way – namely through the written word.

The next enjoyable aspect was the self-publishing work and the marketing of the book. Again, I put myself in a mode of gratitude that the bookstores were eager to receive the book – and sure enough, nobody turned me down. They all took on copies for consignment and ordered more when they had sold out. Now that I have tested the market, I have sent out manuscripts to Canadian and European publishers and expect to receive a contract from the best of them. Staying in a state of gratitude that this is a fait accompli will create a positive outcome – if it’s for my highest good.

In summary I can say that this has been a most unusual but successful year. However, if sometimes my wishes don’t get fulfilled, it’s for inner growth. I follow the adage: if it works out, it’s Life’s direction; if it doesn’t, it’s Life’s protection.  To this effect I wish all my readers a Very Happy and Healthy New Year! 

Dorothea L. Gordon B.A. M.Ed.