Please join us Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM for an evening of togetherness, yule tradition, and dark storytelling from our places of quarantine.

The origin of dark winter story telling has little to do with the kind of commercial festivities we’ve celebrated since the Victorian age. While often peppered with familiar Christian themes, many find their origin in traditional pagan solstice and yule celebrations that spanned northern Europe.

These stories turn us away from the bright lights and festive pressures and move us into an exploration of darker, older, more fundamental things: winter, cold, poverty, loneliness, death, the cycle of life, awakening, fire, rebirth, and the rapt connection between a teller and their audience. They give us permission to dance with darker contemplations, which can be refreshing in this strange 2020, and at the time of year when we’re all supposed to be tinsel, eggnog and merriment.

Join guest readers (some familiar some perhaps not) for this barrier free (almost, you need access to the internet), pop up, literary event in celebration of the winter solstice. Featuring stories from Goethe, HP Lovecraft, Ada Buisson, Hans Christian Anderson, George Robert Sims, Richard Middleton, Anatole Le Braz.

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Donations will be accepted for the Comox Valley Transition Society (tax receiptable).

*Warning* – Bleak. Shocking. Scary. Grim. Melancholic.  

*Kid Friendly?* Totally depends on your kid. Think super dark Grimms fairy tales, meets Tolkein, meets headless horseman, meets Victorian murder mystery.

Meaghan Cursons