Love, oh what a mystery.

It broke my heart like a heart should never be broken.

Millions of pieces shattered on the floor of my living room,

A carving depicting the victory of love over hate,

of love over indifference,

of love over fear,

of the flow of all that is good

over the flow of all that is wrong..

I have bent down and picked up the pieces

gluing them back together again

with the only adhesive power that could heal my wounds:


“The love of the self by the Self.”


I have felt it in my persistent gut

that talks to my mind, telling it to try again.

I have heard it in my courageous mind

that dares to listen to my gut

when it can no longer think for itself.

Above all, I have known it in my heart, that flow of energy

that flows through me to everyone I hold dear:

my dear dear friends that I have had the honor to know,

the soldiers on the front line that I have fought with,

the very souls and hearts of mankind that I have touched.

It was this infinite power that sheltered my finite heart,

urging me to pick up the pieces

and paste them back together again.


And now that work of art is even more beautiful,

the old cracks still visible but reinforced and strengthened

               like rehabilitated bones

by the only power that can truly heal.   


So don’t talk to me of conspiracies,

the gutless actions of those who dabble in fear and hate.

Don’t talk to me about the demons behind science,

the dedicated men and women who share their minds with us

               to help us separate facts from fiction.

Don’t destroy hope in a vaccine  

that can help prolong  the lives of people my age

who just want to live out their final years

loving our children and grandchildren.

Don’t talk to me of machines that take our choice of leadership

and obliterate it by mysterious hackers manipulating mysterious keyboards

converting our will  Into the opposite of our choice.


Take these thoughts, please, and bury them back in the 20th century

where we were supposed to have learned

 the lessons that brought us back from the brink

of the mass and final destruction of the human race.

Above all, don’t, please don’t, peddle your belief in a god,

that is a vengeful, jealous being

who divides and kills and destroys.


Let us cooperate instead of compete.

Le us hope instead of despair.

Let us have faith in each other instead of suspicion.

Let us believe in the Source of goodness and kindness.

Let us heal through compassion instead of destroy through hate.

Lawrence J.W. Cooper

Poet Laureate, Comox Valley