Since I have developed a live wire to the Universe, I’m often surprised how fast help arrives in certain situations where I really wouldn’t have known what to do in the first place. It sometimes boggles my mind how it all works.

Let me give you an example: I drive a 40-year-old Mercedes which is the apple of my eye, safe and comfortable, but unfortunately in need of occasional repairs. One day, as I’m driving up the steep hill towards Comox, I notice that the car’s temperature gauge is climbing, and climbing, and climbing until it can’t go any farther. I’m frantic, expecting the motor to seize up any moment. I do make it to my destination, park, hoping the engine will cool down – which shows just how ignorant I am. Later, as I drive off, I see that the temperature is lower but starts to climb again. I’m really getting worried and send out a heartfelt plea for help since I haven’t the faintest idea what to do. At a stop light I have time to look around and see the BCAA office across the street. Oh yes, I think, they can help.

As I park and climb out of my car, a man exits from the van next to me. I spontaneously ask him if he knows where I could get help for my overheated motor. He recommends a garage and I set out to find it. Just as I turn into the street where the shop is supposed to be, I see out of the corner of my eye a building advertising BMW, VW, and Mercedes repairs. I pull in. They discover a tear in the cooling pipe and fix it. I would not have made it home because the motor would have seized up and caused a lot of damage. I’m filled with awe and gratitude for having been taken care of from every angle. These synchronistic events happen to me regularly and they never cease to amaze me.

You may have had different experiences such as needing specific information and next thing you know, you speak to someone, find a book, read an article, see the answer online, and so on. The more grateful you are about the results, the better the chances that they will reoccur.

In conclusion I would like to say that when synchronistic events occur frequently in our lives, they are an indication that we are engaged in a transformational process. It takes a certain level of awareness to recognize the magical nature of the experiences. I believe that we all have spiritual guides, energy beings devoted to assist us. The more we communicate with them, the more they help us – but they need to be invited.

Dorothea L. Gordon