Uncovering The Human Dimensions Of The Overdose Crisis

People will have the opportunity to participate in Walk With Me – a powerful art-based community action project that seeks to uncover the human dimensions of the overdose crisis – starting September 30th, and running until November 21st. In this project, a group of artist-researchers, front-line workers, people with lived and living experience and their family members have banded together in a spirit of solidarity, attempting to come to terms with the impact of the crisis on individuals and community groups through a practice of story sharing. The project aims to cultivate awareness leading to change. 

The Gallery will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 10am to 4.30pm. Participants are welcome to attend ‘community events’ from 12-1 each day, which include food, panel discussions, art projects and sharing. Participants may also join ‘story walks’ – guided audio walks that travel into nearby parks and neighborhoods – beginning at 11am and 1pm. A production residency by the Unhoused Society involving the creation of a tiny home community concept invites conversation around the linkages between housing and harm reduction. 

This project exists as part of a research initiative called ‘Cultural Mapping the Overdose Crisis in the Comox Valley and Kamloops, B.C.’ It has been developed through a partnership between Comox Valley Art Gallery, Thompson Rivers University and AVI Health and Community Services, under the guidance of a team of front-line workers, people with lived and living experience and their family members. 

COVID protocols are in place. Visitors will be required to wear masks and apply hand sanitizer before entering the gallery, and to maintain a safe distance. 

For additional information about the project and events, or to sign up for a story walk, visit www.comoxvalleyartgallery.com, or www.culturalmapping.ca



Sharon Karsten

Comox Valley Art Gallery